Upcoming Comics March 19, 2016

Kristen gets big in Big Splash Two.

Kristen gets big in Big Splash Two.

Sorry I’ve been a little late in posting updates. Here’s what is coming up!

The Big Splash Two should be up in the next few days. It’s a fun sequel to the original Big Splash, with more great art by the Pepper Pair. It combines AR / AP, shrinking and GTS, plus some fun SM scenes.

Yard Work 15 is also underway, and features a Giantess theme with Nicole and Luke, plus some new characters.

I’m also working on a new Female AR comic called Flu Shots, using the same Yard Work artist Yuan. Some of you have asked for an AR comic with the same pace and attention to detail as Yard Work, so it’s coming! This is a longer comic, so please be patient!

There are other new GTS and AR comics underway with Bojay and Palcomix, so stay tuned!

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17 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. James

    I’m excited for all these comics! Hoping the Flu Shots have better AR process than The Wrong Sister had (sorry was not a fan of imagination or that no buxom woman really got regressed).

    1. v00d00

      Kristen is from the first comic:

      “Kristen and her friend go swimming in a remote lake and grow from cute adolescents to sexy 30-foot tall giants. Meanwhile her older sister Megan and her sexy friend choose another lake and find out what it’s like to be on the short side.”

  2. Tomy

    Hi Dreamtales!. Thank you for the update. Love to see Amy so grow up and sexy in the next chapter as in Yard Work Thirteen !!


  3. 75chaosflare

    Can’t wait for the next Big Splash. Any odds of the giant little with shrunken older sister scene together? Wonder who the next characters for Yard Work will be. Now I must wait for the possibility of a Superchick’s Biggest Fans sequel featuring the mother finding the shrunken heroines but confusing them all for tiny toys. lol

  4. Frenchyars

    Flu Shots
    Hi Dreamtales,
    Sorry for my english, I do my best.
    Thanks to work on what pepople like..
    I tough you will make a pool to know what AR fan like.
    I want to let you know mine.
    In comics I like the idea of loosing something everiday, to be more dependant day by day.
    The person in charge will have more power everiday, appreciate it and use it.
    Some ideas. Prisoner in play park. Have to crawl. Be breast feeding to survive.
    Have to ask to be breast feed, like to stop the regression.
    Finaly, do what you want I’m sure that will be good.

    Frenchy Ars

  5. v00d00

    Is Kristen as big in this comic as she was at the end of The Big Splash 1? She looks like a mini-GTS where as in part 1 she was as big as a house! What about Megan? Is she as small as she was in part 1?

    I’m hoping to see little Megan playing on giantess Kristen. Would be hot to see her running over her giantess body! Or getting the normal sized mom involved and playing with them both!

  6. Ed

    Cant wait for big splash 2… And yard work.
    AR not really my cup of tea but I might as well give it a try.
    By the way next few days are already gone according to me…
    I will keep on checking and hoping…
    Keep up the good work

  7. AuGoose

    “Yard Work 15 is also underway, and features a Giantess theme with Nicole and Luke, plus some new characters.”

    Well its about time :). Been waiting for some 7′-10′ Nicole since about volume 3. I sincerely hope it’s some of the slow, sensuous growth the series started out so strong with.


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