Upcoming Comics April 15, 2016

Madison puts little sister Zoe in her place in Flu Shots Part One.

Madison puts little sister Zoe in her place in Flu Shots Part One.

Here are the latest comics!

Yard Work 15 should be up soon, and features a Giantess theme with Nicole and Luke, plus some new characters. There’s also a showdown between Luke and Amy!

Here is a preview of Flu Shots, a new Female AR comic by the same Yard Work artist Yuan. This will be in multiple chapters starting in May. Older sister Madison lords it over her younger sister Zoe and little brother Michael until a mutated injection changes the family dynamics.

There’s also a fun new Giantess comic by Bojay in the works, plus an AR comic by Palcomix!

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15 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. James

    Ï’m excited by all of these and thanks for update, is the first chapter of Flu Shots planned to be out in early,middle or late May btw?

  2. Ed

    Thanks for the update, will be checking every couple of hours for the new Yard Work. Also the Bojay Giantess comic sounds interesting and the preview for Flu Shots amazing,

  3. Otacon29

    i hope there is a lot of Process in the new ‘Flu Shot.’ i don’t want to get to excited over it, i just hope its a pure AP/AR comic.


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