Upcoming Comics July 15, 2016

Madison looks on as Zoe meets Austin in Flu Shots Part Three.

Madison looks on as Austin checks out Zoe in Flu Shots Part Three.

Here are the next comics coming up!

Poor Madison has lots more humiliation in store in Flu Shots Part Three. While big sister Madison keeps regressing, Zoe has another growth spurt. And she has her eye on Madison’s boyfriend Austin!

[It looks like Flu Shots will end up being 5 parts long, so stay tuned!]

Next after that is Bojay’s GTS / SM / SW comic called Comic Con. As mentioned before, the comic features  sexy cosplay ladies casting growing and shrinking spells on the girls and guys at the comic convention. Comic Con is in two parts, with some of Bojay’s best art ever.

There are more comics in the works, including some fun Giantess and AR / AP themes!

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24 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Theodore

    Can you please make the brother Michael grow or go through an AP sequence? Any plans for him? He is just kind of there and does not contribute much to the story. Plans for him?

  2. Theodore

    Another question, this time regarding Zoe. Not sure if you’ll answer my question on Michael. By part 5, how tall do you plan to make Zoe? What is a general idea of her final height? I like AP, but I don’t want anything to get super exaggerated like it did in Yard Work chapter 5. What is an outline of your plan here?

  3. Theodore

    Maybe you could focus on making Zoe more mature and sexy instead of veering off into mini giantess antics like Yard Work? Or is the rest of the story generally going to be the same as up until Yard Work part 5? I would prefer the a more Lauren-Betsy kinda direction but Im probably in the minority here.

  4. Theodore

    Last comment by me. Sorry to bug you. Yuan the artist does a great job overall but sometimes I feel that the angles characters are shown in makes the body proportions ( head size, breast size, leg length) or height look inconsistent. You see this happen in some chapters of Yard Work. One panel they look tall and then they suddenly look shorter than I thought, then they look tall again in another panel. I am willing to wait for a later release date as long as those details can be cleared up.

  5. Victor

    Oh so two more parts after this one huh, so will there be any more AR? I get Madison still but she will reach a point where she can’t anymore so will there be anyone else in the story regressing like the Nurse, cashier or even the server at the restaurant that taunted Madison?

  6. Consistency

    Glad it’s 5 parts only. I hope Zoe doesn’t grow too tall. Maybe make her curvier and make her hair grow longer so she can humiliate madison more? Hope she doesn’t get to a ridiculous height. I like the heights to be reasonable even when they get tall. I feel like the series looses it’s touch if you make it too long. Like with Yard Work I would rather see it restart from the beginning with an altered sequence of events rather than continue with the current shenanigans. I hope you take your time with the AP sequences in Flu Shots, but nothing overboard with the giantess stuff.

  7. v00d00

    Love how this is progressing so far! The humiliation of Madison by Zoe is perfect! I hope it continues, maybe even with Zoe spanking Madison in front of her boyfriend or friends! Or maybe a shower scene like in Small Squirt with Zoe admiring her new mature body and teasing/humiliating Maison on her tiny body!
    Love Madison’s look as well, the pigtail’s are great, she looks really cute!
    Any idea when part 3 week be out?

  8. Hunter S Creek

    Here is hoping that Zoe’s upcoming growth spurt includes a significant boost to her bust.
    It would be fun to see Zoe borrow one of Madison’s biggest bras and then bust out of it with a growth spurt: especially if Madison was there to witness it.

  9. Hunter S Creek

    BTW — Thank you for the preview drawing from Part 3 and for updating “Upcoming Comics”.
    Any estimated timelines for the upcoming comics?

  10. Horny Hairy Yeti

    Hey Dream Tales! Love how the story is progressing so far. I’m worried about what may happen later though. Mind answering whether this series will be strictly AP/AR or go into GTS later? I would personally prefer it if you don’t get sidetracked and keep it strictly AP/AR.

  11. Scooch

    I agree with others and hope to see Zoe further mature (increase bust and longer hair, maybe even mature facially ) I rather see the power struggle by age in this one rather than sheer giant like height.

  12. Laurenitis

    I sgree with Scooch, I’d like to see more than just Zoe growing taller. Bigger bust, longer hair, adult muscle tone, adult facial features, etc.

  13. Consistency

    I agree, I think once the female who undergoes a growth spurt gets to a certain height, the giantess route looses some appeal at least in this kind of story. I woul rather you tone down the growth spurts from here on and focus on making the characters
    more mature and sexy. The idea was for more detailed transformations in your comics after all!


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