Upcoming Comics August 13, 2016

Cosplay fun in Comic Con One as Zatanna casts a spell on a hapless Thor.

Cosplay ladies cast a spell on a hapless Thor in Comic Con Part One.

More comics are coming up soon!

Comic Con is a fun GTS / SM / SW comic featuring sexy cosplay ladies. Zatanna and her pal Poison Ivy cast growing and shrinking spells on the girls and guys at the comic convention. The comic has some of Bojay’s best art ever, with colors by the Pepper Pair.

Flu Shots Part Four is also in the works, as a shrunken Madison struggles to cope with her ever-growing younger sister Zoe. As I mentioned, there will be at least 5 parts to Flu Shots, so stay tuned!

Other upcoming comics include some fun Giantess and AR / AP themes!

And yes, there will be more Yard Work comics, after Flu Shots has its run.

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12 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Tomy

    Yard Work Yayyyy!!!!! Is Luke realize he having second thoughts about her hot sexy sister?
    Thanks for the update Dreamtales :))

        1. Dave

          You’re obviously just a GTS fan going by your name, you already got 15 parts with Yard Work, why can’t we AR/AP fans get something just strictly for AR/AP? and Dreamtales direction with it is great so far though if you are reading this Dreamtales I’m honestly not sure how much more AR/AP you can get into 2 more parts, I mean they can’t get younger/older all that much more just these two characters atleast.


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