Upcoming Comics September 6, 2016

Madison keeps getting smaller in Flu Shots Four.

Madison keeps getting smaller in Flu Shots Four.

Here are the latest comics:

Flu Shots Part Four will be up in the next few weeks, as a shrunken Madison struggles to cope with her huge younger sister Zoe. And now she has to deal with little brother Michael as well!

Comic Con Part Two has a lot of female size-changing fun that should appeal to Shrinking Women and Giantess fans. The two sexy Cosplay ladies get in on the action, as does a very surprised Wonder Woman. Part Two has a simple, fun plot with lots of sexy women growing and shrinking – you don’t need to have read Part One to enjoy it.

I’m planning to release a short free comic for Shrinking Women fans soon – stay tuned!

As always there are other comics in the works, including some fun Giantess and AR / AP themes!

I do plan to create more Yard Work comics, after Flu Shots has its run.

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19 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Ed

    I am still waiting for Yard Work’s Amy to grow giant… and to be honest AR/AP is not my cup of tea… nonetheless I do unsderstand you make comics that appeal to a broad audience… but I just felt that you needed to know there might be people eagerly awaiting for yard work to return…

    1. Otacon29

      throw a tantrum while your at it, “Yard Work” has been center stage for a long time. you can calm down and let other people have there turn.

      1. Tommy

        I’m also eagerly awaiting more Yard Work, but enjoying Flu Shots as well. As far as I’m concerned this is the golden age of Dreamtales!

    2. Dave

      You got literally 15 parts, 15 PARTS for Yard Work and it’s not like Dreamtales is the only provider for Giantess since it’s the most “common” fetish out there so lots of more paid websites have it but AR/AP is more rare and not many paid websites do it. Think before you talk next time.

  2. Warzard

    I’m sure it was planned for Madison to outshrink her brother Michael , but I’m excited to see the chemistry between those two as the middle child of the family is now the leader 😀 So thank you so far!

    That spongebob face is still haunting me..lmao

    As for Yard Work, I’m hoping for Luke and Amy to be returned to their normal ages, but I would like for Luke to be shrunken down to doll size but unlike the past version, I’m thinking that her sister is teasing him by playing with dolls with him ( her friends could also be in on it as well 😀 ) I’m sure you already have it planned, but I’m excited to see what’s coming up 🙂

    1. Walter

      I agree with you I’m really excited to see the chemistry between Madison and Michael but I’m also looking forward to see Zoe and Austin those two also have good chemistry.

  3. Tomy

    ohhh yw!!. I love it!. Amy is the hotest!! I want to know if Luke realize that he fantasies about her sexy hot sister for real!!!

  4. Walter

    Dreamtales when will flu shots part 4 come out on the third week of September or the last week of September I got to know I can’t wait I’m so excited please right back Thank you!


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