Upcoming Comics November 11, 2016

Two hot ladies use a shrink ray to tease Superguy.

Two hot ladies use a shrink ray to tease Superguy.

Sorry for the delay, here are the latest comics coming up:

Superguy and the Teen Terrors, a new Rebecca Comic is coming up soon. Two sexy ladies use a shrinking ray to toy with Superguy, in a fun and very erotic take on Giantess and Shrinking Men. The art is great – Rebecca really is the master (mistress?) of erotic art!

I’m hoping to get Flu Shots Part Five ready by the end of December. There’s lots more to happen with Madison, Zoe and others!

And more comics are in the work after that, including a new Suzy and Marilyn AR / AP / SW / GTS story with great art by Palcomix. More Yard Work comics are also planned, after Flu Shots has its run.

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12 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. v00d00

    Yay! Great to hear. I’ve been waiting so long for another Rebecca comic, her work is amazing! Any idea when it’ll be released?

    Great to hear more flu shots is on the way! Maybe an early Christmas present for us? 🙂

    Also great to hear there is more Suzy and Marilyn on the way and that it mixes AR / AP / SW & GTS. Would love to see a GTS AR Marilyn teasing a SW Suzy!

  2. K.L.

    END OF DECEMBER?!? Crap, I was hoping it would come sooner.

    I also hope you took some of my suggestions in my long review of part 4 and incorporated them into the finale-especially my suggestions for how it should end and how Zoe should be characterized.

    But it’s your show and we’re just the audience. If you DO incorporate my suggestions,I’ll be a really happy camper.

  3. Amel1995

    Pretty dissapointed that Flu Shot is the end of December was hoping it would be published by November, but I guess your house Your Rules


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