The Wrong Sister February 27, 2016

Rob gives little Amy a kiss as Kelly looks on. in The-Wrong-Sister

Rob gives little Amy a kiss as Kelly looks on.

30 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Progression, Age Regression, GTS. SW
Artwork by Yuan

A love triangle with age regression, shrinking and giantess fantasies! Rob, a young guy with an active imagination, is caught between two sisters. Skinny little Amy has a big crush on Rob, but he has his sights set on sexy Kelly. Great AR / AP / GTS / SW art by Yuan, the artist behind Yard Work.

Story Summary: Skinny little Amy likes Rob, but Rob likes sexy Kelly. So Rob and Kelly work out a deal; Kelly will make out with Rob if he’ll go out with Amy. The more Rob sees Amy, the hotter Rob and Kelly get! Rob’s fantasies soon take over as he sees the sisters regress to kids, grow to mini-Giantesses and shrink to doll size. But the deal takes on a new aspect as Kelly and Rob fall for each other.

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 11.99
This comic is also offered in an Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 30 pages of original uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art.

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42 thoughts on “The Wrong Sister

  1. Tomy

    this error coming out when try to download the story:
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  2. v00d00

    Really great comic, really enjoyed it! Especially liked the dinner scene, with Amy falling into Kelly’s cleavage – this is what I’d like to see more of in Betsy & Lauren, or Yard Work with Amy & Nicole! The handhelds and shrinking/AR process scenes were great too!

  3. Chris

    Hey there, big fan of all the comics, I’ve bought every single AR one you’ve produced, but I can’t help but feel muddling all the genres together ends up giving a watered down experience to everyone. I’d be more willing to wait for a more purely focused comic that goes deeper instead of just a nod to each genre. I mean, obviously they have more wide appeal this way, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

    Also, I bought the Artist version hoping to see some sketches and such, but it was quite literally just the normal comic sans color, which, I’m sure counts as sketches, but just felt a little weak to me. Either way, can’t wait to see what you guys have next, love to support your projects.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, appreciate the comments and will keep them in mind.

      There are actual sketches which I can add as well. If you got the Artist’s Edition you can use the contact form to email me if you want them.

  4. Victor

    I’m a big fan of Dream Tales especially the AR/AP/Age Swap and every time I have money for the newest comic I will buy it without hesitation as long as it’s AR related but this…kinda made me disappointed, even more so when it’s just imaginary and that literally destroys everything and it doesn’t even matter. I see you guys give GTS/Shrinking great content like Yard Work etc but the AR/AP area is really lacking these days I feel like in decent process, though I will support you guys no matter what but that’s just some critic.

    Hoping for Big Splash 2 to have some great AR/AP process like in the first one.

    1. Otacon29

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this comic was.. ok. It’s not bad, but its not good. I got this comic for what I hope was some good AR/AP, with some sexual content. However what I got was 2 panel pieces that could fit in one page. I must admit I’m really disappointed in this.

      As of late I have noticed Dream tales has been putting to many different eggs into his basket. Mixing AR/AP, giantess, and shrinking…. this comic is all over the place and satisfies no one’s fetish. I have been noticing a decline in Dream tales work and have been getting his comics less and less, only picking up the AR/AP.

      The truth is I stopped reading half way through the comic and went one of his older ones that’s how uninterested I was with the comic. It didn’t grab me or fill my interest or fantasy.

      To those who are if about this comic, I’d say pass it over, it’s not really worth it, the art is great, but there is no substances, it doesn’t satisfy my needs.

  5. Tommy

    Great work dreamtales… but I agree with some of the others that the fact that it’s all just Rob’s fantasy is a letdown. Reminds me of those episodes of TV that end up just being a dream. We want “real!”

  6. Michael

    i’m in the same boat as the other guys here. Don’t mix and match the genres. I haven’t enjoyed one of the comics for a while. More pure AR/AP stuff please

  7. David Smith

    It was nice to see another variation of the standard young sister being the older etc. Would perhaps have licked to see things a little more from the point of view of Amy. For example in class at school. Meeting the younger boy to date. But the nice twist etc was great.

  8. dreamtales Post author

    Well first thanks for all the comments – it does show that you all care about the comics, which I appreciate! Honestly I still think this is one of the best comics I’ve done. The story is very tight, the characters good, the artwork is really nice.

    I think the main concern here is mixing genres. I do understand that if you’re into AR you want AR only, or SW, etc. I do like having different processes, and in some cases (Big Splash, Yard Work) people like that. Obviously not everyone liked it here.

    I really do like Yuan’s art. Frankly it’s really hard to find an artist that can do AR well – if you know of any please let me know! Bojay is the master at this, and Palcomix is pretty good. But I have tried other artists (including some very well known names) who really could not do AR convincingly.

    I think it’s time for me to have another AR Poll either here or on my website. I do plan to do more AR comics and would love to hear what you all are looking for.

  9. Tomy

    Hi Dreamtales!. I enjoyed the story!. Thank you! Kelly is hot, but not as hot as Amy(Yard Work) 🙂
    I like this stories when the young sister is more mature than old sister. The teasing against the younger sister to older sister and see the surprise and miss understanding when they discover who is the bigger sister

  10. Ronald Buskit

    I agree with you, Dreamtales, that the art, story, and characters are all great! …but I also have to throw my hat in the ring for those who felt a little let down with the AR content. My favorite comic so far was the Puberty Fairies series. It felt like you couldn’t go through a single page without seeing mothers regressing, sisters swapping, an elderly couple regressing, or beach volleyball players regressing out of their bikinis! Compare that to the Wrong Sister, where regressions seemed far and few between (and fully clothed to boot…)

    But, always glad to read your work, and look forward to the next comic. All the best!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, this is really helpful, constructive feedback! I see the AR comics in two basic types: long, detailed regressions where the focus is on subtle details and wild rides like the AR Puberty Fairies where everybody gets AR’d. This was a little of both, I think.

      I would like to do a Puberty Fairy sequel…

      1. Chief

        The wild rides are the best. And the Puberty Fairies were fantastic creations of yours! I’d love to see more, especially more breast-feeding, role-reversal.

  11. amazonlove

    I like this one very much. Though there are mix elements of gts or shrink. I think the ar lover or gts love should not be that selfish to force Dreamtale do only one thing in a single comic. Everyone has their own tastes but the final desision should be made by authior which is Dreamtale. I will always support you Dreamtale, thank you for every great comic.

  12. Hunter S Creek

    I liked the basic idea behind the comic in that Kelly, the little sister, became the tall, busty sister. Unfortunately we were not shown much of Kelly’s backstory or details of her growing up and how she and Amy and their friends handled it.
    Since this story ends with Amy starting to finally develop and finding another boy that she prefers; I was thinking that it might be fun to see a sequel where we can watch Amy continue to grow and develop with detail: such as outgrowing her clothes and eventually outgrowing Kelly’s, too. It would be fun to watch the various characters’ reactions (especially the guys and Kelly) as Amy begins to outgrow her new, nerdy boyfriend and eventually outgrows her sister Kelly in height, bustiness, and hotness.
    Amy’s new, impressive growth spurt and development could be a delayed, natural phenomenon. Or more interestingly, it could be secondary to her new, nerdy boyfriend secretly spiking her school lunch — and over the course of weeks/months Amy grows much taller and bustier than he expected.
    Amy might stay loyal to the nerd as she becomes hotter and hotter but if she does not; maybe the nerd finds another short, underdeveloped girl to “help” with his formula and we can watch her overdevelopment, too.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, all very nice ideas! I like the opportunities for more growth / shrinkage. I do like these characters and would love to do another comic with them.

  13. Adrian

    Yeah, I would like a sequel as well.

    Using themes showcased in “Mating Wars” and “A Growing Attraction” you can have Amy find out about her former boyfriend two-timing her and ala Denise in MW let her anger fuel her growth, use pheromones to make Kelly look more like the younger sister or just use her new relationship and the accompanying “mating activity” ala Samantha in MW to outgrow Kelly and make Rob regret that he chose “the wrong sister” yet again.

    I’d really like to see the last scenario as I would love to see the breasts, height, etc. needed to make Kelly envious; it could be reminiscent of that GREAT scene in “Yard Work 6” when Mom’s ex tries to show off his new girlfriend and Mom’s height and attributes outshine her on EVERY level.

  14. Ed

    What about big splash 2? Any news on the next yard work will be great a preview pic will be greatly appreciated.


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