Yard Work Part Fifteen April 17, 2016

Amy teses Luke in Yard Work Fifteen.

Amy teases Luke in Yard Work Fifteen.

33 pages, Color, US$9.99
Giantess, Mini_Giantess
Artwork by Yuan

This comic features two separate stories: Nicole and the sexy Nurse go out on a double date and get into a growth competition, while Amy and Luke take their sibling rivalry to the next level!

Story Summary: Luke causes a stir when he goes out to the movies with Nicole and the Nurse. The girls grow and grow and end up destroying the theatre. Afterwards the Nurse has some fun with two miniature admirers (25 pages). After Luke acts like a jerk, Amy thinks up a very effective way to get back at him. (8 pages)

Note: This is Part Fifteen of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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34 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Fifteen

  1. Ed

    Amazing art as usual… I will not post any spoilers but it is a very enjoyable chapter, only a little flaw in my opinion I will let you know later so to not post spoilers…cant wait for a continuation to see how Nicoles Birthday plays out.
    I am still waiting for Amys big growth spurts chapter… Hopefully next time she is the one who in real life can not control her growth… Or why not who against any medical advice plays with some super gro…
    I am guessing the next chapter will be out in a couple of months…

    Please really make an Amy chapter…

  2. Hunter S Creek

    I would also like to see a story that focuses on Amy.
    Given Amy’s and Luke’s parting remarks to each other in “Yard Work 15”; it would be fun to see a chapter that shows that Luke actually does fantasize about Amy and that Amy fantasizes about Luke fantasizing about her.
    Luke’s fantasy starts with him getting dressed and seeing Nicole out his bedroom window. He recalls Amy’s parting words and considers whether or not his little sister may actually be hotter than his girlfriend. And, if so, he wonders when/how that may have happened.
    Luke then thinks back to when Amy was at her original (“Yard Work One”) size and age. His fantasy continues as he recalls her growth. During the various stages of Amy’s growth in his fantasy; Luke makes occasional comparisons between himself and Amy and Amy and Nicole.
    Meanwhile as Amy is putting her clothes back on in her bedroom, she also sees Nicole out her window and imagines doing physical comparisons with her. Amy eventually decides that Nicole is actually the bustier and taller and hotter of the two. With this conclusion, Amy becomes determined to insure that Luke will fantasize about her instead of Nicole. Amy thinks back about her growth and suddenly realizes the role that the Super Gro Lawn Treatment played. So Amy applies some of the Super Gro Lawn Treatment to her bust. Amy grows taller and leggier and her breasts balloon much larger: there is now no doubt that she is bustier and taller and hotter than Nicole.
    Amy knocks on Luke’s door just as Luke’s fantasy ends with the conclusion that Nicole is hotter than his little sister.
    Of course, when Luke opens his door and sees his now taller and much bustier little sister standing before him; it is obvious to a very pleased Amy and to the reader that Luke now has little doubt as to which of the two girls is hotter.

    1. Karo L.

      Hunter, I’m a big fan of your work, but this is pushing the envelope of creepiness. I know,to a lot of people it’s fine as long as it’s a fantasy. But I’m sorry,it just comes too close to a very ugly reality for me to find anything positive in it..But that’s just me.

      As for the ongoing “Yard Work” itself-I think this story has FAR outlasted it’s interest. Seriously, it’s just going on way too long now and it’s boring as hell. I would write a final chapter and put an end to it. I even have a good outline of what that last chapter should be. Let me know if you’re interested.

  3. LittleSisterIncestFan

    Agree with Hunter S Creek. Please make an exclusive incest-themed chapter between Luke and Amy when she uses Super Lawn Gro to purposely grow hotter and seduce Luke. Emphasize her sexiness and maturity and growth in hormones more than just getting taller. Make her curvier! As an added bonus, maybe make Luke grow bigger and more muscular too and they can make out. If there are legal issues with going beyond that you can just tease them fantasizing about each other and stop there if you really have to do that.

    However, this is definitely an incest-themed fantasy I have been waiting for a long time, and while you don’t have to make it explicit, you could at least tease it throughout the chapter and maybe have them force each other apart after losing control and kissing.

  4. ChunkyGotFunky

    Honestly, I was a little disappointed. The nurse part was really good (just a shame it wasn’t with Luke and/or Nicole), the dream part is getting a little over played now, and the last part with Luke and Nicole just wasn’t long enough. It would be nice to see another comic where Luke shrinks really small (like doll size or something) around the 3 main girls and they each take turns “looking after him” in real scenarios. Instead of dreams or whatever.

  5. HentaiTuxedomask

    So here’s my review and if it’s a spoiler I apologize. The first part is rather iffy, at least for me, I didn’t mind the dream sequence but I sort of think that the whole story that happened after was not really for me, since it was sort of a poof moment. The next scene teases of would be interesting to see in Yard Work 16 since maybe Luke hill either gets a hint, or it will happen accidentally. Then you have the last scene which is rather odd to me. Maybe it’s my way of looking at things, but Amy and Luke and this whole family as a whole should be way more comfortable with each other. Maybe some don’t like the Incest, but how Amy was acting struck me as odd because of Yard Work Six, where she gave him that little strip tease. Still if this gets a sequel to it, and by that I mean a direct continuation that shows the effects of what took place here I won’t complain. I think the family needs to go through a shift though, Amy and mom at some point need to shrink, otherwise I sort of see the stories slowly coming to an end. I’ll give it a fair rating though.

  6. Tomy

    Hi Dreamtales. Thank you! I enjoy it so much!. I love see Amy teasing Luck again! Thanks for keeping Amy tall and sexy!. If Luke realize that he fantasize with her. I really like to see that!

  7. Waffle

    Ill be honest about this whole series for Yard Work. Originally I suspect that this was going to be a slow shrink comic with nice surprises and everything we know of DreamTales if you have ever read any of his past stories. Parts 1 to 4 kept that pace and I was lead to believe that thats how this story was going to go. Then part 5 came out that added Growth and mini giantess to the whole mix. I was like Ok that makes sense….pander to each group since some like shrinking others like growing. Then part 6 and 7. 6 was half continuity from the previous chapters and the rest was mom shenanigans. And Part 7….heck even part 8 was all just mom shenanigans that interested mom and SW fans.

    So I was like…okay everyone got their piece of the pie and the story should continue on the way I think it will..then I saw part 9 and thats when I knew that this series was going downhill. Luke suddenly was “somewhat normal” from before and the majority of the comic was nothing but a dream. It was at this point I knew that you was gonna put alot of random genres to pander to whoever the crowd was at the time and anything that is far fetched from how the story was made would be place in a dream sequence. Now 11 to 15 was filled with more Mom episodes and dream sequences and pandering to many different genres that ultimately there was no story to it…..normal day…something crazy happens…..everything back to normal give or take or it was a dream so it meant nothing in the end.

    I can see why you would do it if it came down to money, but I honestly believed this comic series could do better. Mom has been used so many times I am actually bored with her. If people want mom episodes I would of tell them to buy the comics u already did mom episodes with or do something completely different like a commission at this point. Amy has been neglected so badly all she is in this comic series is the teasing sister and nothing more. I know for a fact you could make a few comics with her as the focus if you want to keep this train a rolling. this latest part is making me think you are running out of ideas when it comes towards the same stuff that I believe has been looping and rehashed since yard work 11. I was okay with the first part in 15 but hated the ending. And the Amy part was rather short and pointless to me as well. Im hoping maybe you could do a super micro where its not a dream or just a passing fancy like chapter 10 to give it a climatic end on Lukes end and some continuity again or even a focus of Amy growing huge FOR REAL for once to have something different from this series. I feel you are getting burned out from this series so those are ways you can end it with something fresh. If anything, stop using the dream card and let something permanent happen to these people. The serious has been going everywhere that it leads to nowhere.

    1. Kong

      Hey , mom is so popular , so you can’t tell anything correct about her !
      And keep your sick ideas for yourself !!

      1. ChunkyGotFunky

        He is right though. This comic was supposed to be (mainly) about Luke and Amy, now its almost not about them at all. Luke doesn’t even looked shrunk any more he just looks like a 10 year old boy. If Mum is so popular a separate comic series should really be created to revolve around her.

        1. Tomy

          Yeah I agree with you guys. The comic was about Luke and the sexy Amy 🙂 as the main characters. If Mum seem to be so popular. She need a separate comic.

  8. Tommy

    Still my favorite series of all time!

    I would LOVE to see Mom and Amy shrink really small, then witness Nicole giving Luke a handjob. Imagine Luke inadvertently covering his family in cum!

  9. gts_fan08

    I don’t think I’m going to say anything new here that has not already been giving as a critique, opinion or review. The dream sequences have become predicable and that is fine. There are cretin things that I enjoy that need a dream sequences, or you the story’s world. There is though a continuation that I had been waiting for since we got to these more episodic style of story telling. Which does take time to think of something good if you want it to stick and not be a one off. I have a theory of how the next part of the comic well shake down if it fallows the story.

    I do hope there is more unfolding as to why Amy has been acting the way she has as of late. Not sure if anyone else cares. I understand incest is a iffy topic and I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t bother me; however, I have never been one to turn away from why characters act the way they do.

  10. Starlet

    Thank you for the good cartoon!
    By the way, Could you tell me when the next episode of Starlet Stripe comes out?

  11. Dukes

    Will we ever get to see Amy’s friends who also grew again? By the way, do they still have adult bodies, or that wore off?

    By the way, I also think Yard Work should be drawing to an end. It was a good run, but I’d like if you could focus on newer things.

  12. Star33

    Artwork was great as always. I too am waiting for Amy to have her time as the growing giantess. However I love the storyline and what you have created here and continue to look forward to what you will bring next.

  13. Ram

    Great Art work and story. This has been my best comic series . The tall Amy teasing and humiliating short Luke is very funny and entertaining . It is good idea to do some body exploration also.

  14. angel

    Vas a sacar mas capitulos , es un comic muy interesante .
    Si el tema puede ir encaminado con la sorpresa y la reducion de luke.
    Es una serie mu buena

  15. devodog56

    Have to agree with some of the previous posters. I really like where this could be heading: with Luke shrinking himself down for Nicole’s birthday, but coming across Amy instead. I thought dreamtales mentioned earlier that “Yard Work” wouldn’t have an “A Little Game of Hide and Seek” scene, but something along those lines sure would be awesome.

      1. Nate

        I am a huge fan of this comic. I cannot wait for the next yard work to come out I sincerely hope it has more to do with Luke and Amy because the interactions between those two are always entertaining. As far as content, I really couldn’t care less if Lucas small or Amy grows really big, I just want to see more interaction between those two but thank you for the work that you’ve done this comic is always one of my favorites!


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