Yard Work Part Fourteen January 9, 2016

Mom has a reporter at her mercy in Yard Work Fourteen.

Mom has a reporter at her mercy in Yard Work Fourteen.

31 pages, Color, US$9.99
Giantess, Mini_Giantess
Artwork by Yuan

Another fun chapter for Mom fans! Mom gets huge and causes a media sensation.

Story Summary: Mom goes out to get the mail and gets locked out of the house. She gets stuck in a window and can’t stop growing – the more embarrassed she is, the more she grows and the more stuck she gets! What starts out as a neighborhood affair soon turns into a media circus – and a huge, angry Mom!

Note: This is Part Fourteen of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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39 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Fourteen

  1. Justin

    Spoilers ahead:

    While I enjoyed the art as always and loved the interaction between mom and Luke at the end (still hoping for them to have some alone time together) the whole it was all dream thing kinda was a let down. Still a fun read.

    1. Hp

      Totally agree! Need more interaction like at end of yard work ten . Mom, luke with Amy.
      Good comic artwork amazing . Just hole story is about mom stuck in a window :/ and sadly nothing much happens.

    2. m

      I’m agree too , the last page interaction of mom and luke was so lovely , however i was hope for bigger mom at end but it was great .
      please do more in future dreamtales .
      mom is the best !

  2. Tomy

    Well…This chapter was dedicate to Moms fans. I’m Amy’s fan. i would to see her as tall as in Yard Work Part Thirteen. keep teasing Luke about his size!

    1. Star33

      I agree, while i always enjoy the artwork and this story was fun I am an Amy fan and am still waiting for her day to grow. Keep up the great work and am already looking forword to the next instalment.

        1. Hp

          Just idea dreamtales ,

          what if luke and nichol shrunk again like in part ten and Amy finds them and has some fun with them’ naughty fun . As in some of the yard works nicole has thing for a amy and moms body.
          But the mom comes home see what Amy is doing and shrinks her as punishment strips her cloths of and spanks tiny Amy or pushing her between her giant cleavage.

          Just a thought. 🙂

        2. kong

          micro please !
          , now luke must tease his rude sister .
          and this chapter was so nice , but the story is weak a little , however i hope mom stay big (minimum height at least 10-12 ft ) in next parts .
          thanks dreamtales

        3. Star33

          I would rsther her grow huge. We have seen micro and shrinking her growth of that size would be her first for the series so far.

        4. Dr.Synn

          What about Luke finally growing back to normal (say, 6ft), thinking he’s finally going to get even with Amy, only to find that in the meantime she has grown to 9ft or 10ft, so she still has the advantage. Maybe even get her to ) temporarily) become a muscular amazon and have fun with Luke. Could bring Nicole’s giantess fetich into play.

        5. sm

          Dude, just make Amy grow, as the story originally started as. This story has now jumped the shark. Let the brother and sister dynamic grow anew again. No more brother shrinking, regression, etc. Just have the sister grow taller, bigger, formidable, and strong. Don’t make her look like a model, make her huge, huge arms, legs, body, etc. Very big boned. These stories are now stagnant. Give Amy her long past due. Stop making this comic about the clueless Mother. Have her go to a trip somewhere on a long vacation.

          1. gts

            No , how you say this !!
            The story is splitted , the half for mom fans and the half for others , so you can’t say this about mom and her lots of fans , mom is the best in this story , she must grow bigger and hotter and larger always .
            thanks dreamtales for this part , i love this comic and mom .
            any news about 3rd part of Starlet Stripe ??

  3. Ed

    Amazing artwork… I really enjoyed the story but as I have said a couple of times I wish we could see amy on her school growing out of control… Or maybe being taken by the military to run tests and learning she has control over her size… Maybe even a Nicole goes to the factory of these lawn products and since she is sneaking in falls into a big zilo of the grown component of the grow component then Mom and Amy are contacted and asked to take some grow component to try and restore the one out of control… Just my ideas for you to consider…

    1. Dave

      Yeah, people need to chill asking for when x part comes out all the time I mean the art in this is just gorgous, worth every wait!

  4. Garrick

    You know there should be a story that kinda goes with this but it shows where the mother dates a younger man or amy goes on a date or luke spends time with nicole or amys friends

      1. v00d00

        I was just about to ask if there was another Rebecca comic in the works! Glad to hear there will be! ‘College Bound’ and ‘Teenage Home Breaker’ were amazing comics! Both very kinky!

        Wasn’t there another Rebecca comic that used to be on the site, where a goth girl shrinks another girl and tells her she’ll regrow her if she can climb up her body and reach her head? Can’t seem to find it now!

          1. v00d00

            Ah yes Cluedog. I find the drawing styles of both fairly similar! Booby Battle was another good Cluedog comic.

      1. Dave

        Almost by the end of the month soon, usually see the updates in the middle of the months, wonder why this update is so late.

  5. Emanon

    One story I wanted to see would be Amy at school or at a store getting a lot of attention which makes her friends from part 11 want to get bigger.
    Then mom can have work out of town giving Amy control over Luke which would make Amy super boastful between the public attention and the authority in the house to set up the surprise seeing her friends looking down at her. Then maybe her and her friends have a bit of a growth contest.

      1. v00d00

        Would be great if there was a really bratty obnoxious rival cheerleader who was taller than Amy, who soon finds herself looking up at the amazon teen! Would be even better if Amy then spiked the obnoxious rivals water with the shrink chemical, causing her to dwindle smaller than everyone else at school! She ends up shrinking out of her cheerleader uniform during practice, running through the school with everyone else towering over her! She’s eventually found by a female teacher who takes her home for extra curricula activities! Amy goes on to become the new head cheerleader!


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