Bojay Shorts One August 16, 2017

Sherman Beasley tries out his hypno-ring.

37 pages, Color and Black & White
US $9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking, Mind Control
Artwork by Bojay

A fun collection of short comics by Bojay! This comic features four different stories, with Female Growth, Age Progression, Shrinking and Mind Control themes.

The Short Comics include:

Teeter Totter: (22 pages, Female Growth / Giantess) Amy grows and Billy shrinks as they play on a teeter-totter. This comic has a really amazing growth sequence!
Bulgy Berries: (5 pages, Female Growth / Giantess) A cute young girl finds a bush filled with magic growth berries.
The Hypno-Ring: (4 pages, Mind Control) Dorky Sherman discovers a way to get hot women to love him.
Mortimer’s Solution: (5 pages, Female Growth / Giantess) Another great Female Growth sequence, this time with a nerdy scientist and a growth solution.

“Bojay’s Shorts” features 37 mostly multi-panel pages, including 5 colored pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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19 thoughts on “Bojay Shorts One

  1. kong

    looks nice but will be in the next one the growing mom or milf ?
    I would like to see the mom in the Teeter Totter grows to the biggest please .

  2. Mister AGF


    Congratulation to Bojay, I truly love those short comics!
    These kinds of female growth/age progression are my favourites as is Bojay ‘s way of drawing them.
    Furthermore, the growth detroying more and more the clothes as the character grows is excellent to emphasize the developement of the body even though the clothes don’t rip off completly in those comics. Maybe in another one ^^.

    Thanks a lot for everything you’re doing :).


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