Bojay’s Transformation Compilation Two April 15, 2017

Uneven Growth in Bojay’s Transformation Compilation Two

39 pages, Color and Black & White
US $9.99
Transformation, Shrinking, Growth
Artwork by Bojay

Another great collection of transformation comics by Bojay! This comic features some really fun and innovative transformations, including lots of variations on Transfers of Attributes.

The collection is mostly multi-image pages in black and white, with several colored pinup pages. Two of the longer comics feature a woman taking a list of attributes she likes from other people walking by on the street.

The Transformations include:
Female Growth / Giantess: 10 pages
Transfer of Attributes: 8 pages
Uneven Growth: 8 pages
Muscle Transformations: 4 pages
Breast Transfer: 2 pages

“Bojay’s Transformation Compilation Two” features 39 black and white pages, including 23 multi-panel pages and 4 colored pinup pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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4 thoughts on “Bojay’s Transformation Compilation Two

  1. Darknail

    most of the art was ok, but i really do not enjoy it when you release these compilations, i’d much rather have complete stories, all these one-shots just don’t catch my eye as much as a full story.

    1. Bela04

      Most of the content lately doesn’t deliver anyway, longer stories have a lot of loopholes and logic mistakes that it just makes it unreadable, so I’d rather have small compailation than longer stories until they learn to write a good one

  2. theodore

    Please make a multi-part series where the big brother stays the same size, but the smaller younger sister gradually grows bigger than him. Eventually she overpowers him. Make the growth gradual and slow. Some incest undertones and maybe even an incest scene would be nice also. It’s sexy to see the older sibling lose control not only over their power/authority but their desires as well.


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