Comic Con AR Part One May 14, 2017

Kitty grows up in Comic Con AR Part One

31 pages, Color + B&W, $9.99
Age Progression, Male AR
Artwork by Bojay

Age Regression and Age Progression at the Comic Con! This comic features female AP and male AR, with great artwork by Bojay.

Story Summary: Cute young Jess and Kitty have trouble filling out their costumes. The Scarlet Witch comes to their rescue, transforming them into a very sexy Jessica Rabbit and hot Kitty. The Scarlet Witch takes revenge on two teenage boys, turning them into little boys.

Note: This is a part one of a two part comic.

Bojay’s art is incredibly detailed, with a nice coloring job by the Pepper Pair. There are 31 pages total – 27 multi-panel color pages plus 4 pages of ideas and concept sketches by Bojay.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 9.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 11.99
This comic is also offered in a Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 27 pages of original uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of Bojay’s original art.

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18 thoughts on “Comic Con AR Part One

  1. v00d00

    Hi DT,
    Seems to be an issue with the download. Just purchased, but when I try to download the file, it’s only 143 bytes and won’t open?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Everyone should have their link now. I’m switching to Selz for this comic, not sure why this one is not working.

      Sorry for the hassle!

  2. Cecil

    Hey, don’t buy this if you’re getting it for the male AR. The process is only a few of the pages and is frankly quite lacking.

  3. cousin roland

    Not bad at all, and some wonderful artwork.

    The guys didn’t seem so bad to deserve being regressed, but I always love powers being abused. Looking forward to part 2!

  4. Theodore

    I would love it if you make a multi-part series (or add this to a variation of Yard Work) where the big brother stays the same size, but the smaller younger sister gradually grows bigger and stronger than him. Eventually she overpowers him. Make the growth gradual and slow over time. Some incest undertones and maybe even an incest scene would be nice also. It’s sexy to see the older sibling lose control not only over their power/authority but their rational desires as well.

  5. Warzard

    It was a fun idea, but I feel there was more interaction in “There is Something in the Water” and “The Age Vampire” from Bojay’s work. Where it’s a simple payback where they get to show up to the antagonists. Bojay’s work is always great, looking at the different cosplayers is always fun as ever to look at, but it felt lacking.

    Still, thank you very much for this wonderful contribution. I really would hope for a sequel to this or a spiritual successor to There’s Something in the Water from Bojay. But if a sequel to this were to occur, I just hope for that one change and I believe I would love it 🙂

  6. Misha

    I bought the comic and again it was a great job. I’m actually into male AR, but I have to say the female AP was impressive. The male AR doesn’t go too far, but I feel this may just be a set-up for what’s to come later. For those of you in the majority who like female transformations, again, I think you’ll enjoy the AP.

  7. Ghost

    Once again, the master of AP&AR art hits it out of the park. Anything by Bojay is awesome. I was expecting more nudity though, maybe in Part 2.


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