House Sitting Part One January 14, 2017

A shrunken Suzy and Marilyn prepare to fight a powerful adult Mandy.

34 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Regression, Age Progression, SW
Artwork by PalComix

Suzy and Marilyn meet Mandy and her nasty pal for another AR / AP / SW showdown!

Story Summary: Suzy and Marilyn house sit a mansion for a friend, and find that nasty Mandy is the neighborhood troublemaker. Suzy gets into a Weed Shrinker water battle with Marilyn, shrinking them both to kids, while Mandy and her pal grow to sexy adults. Mean Mandy and her friend turn the tables on poor Suzy with a huge dose of Weed Shrinker.

This comic has some of Palmcomix’ best artwork – every bit as good as Beach Blanket Beauties. House Sitting includes 29 multi-panel color pages, plus another 5 fun sketch pages by Bojay.

Note: This is Part One of a Two Part comic.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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30 thoughts on “House Sitting Part One

  1. Mercurius

    I really enjoyed this. I really want to know where this goes, in part 2…and how they get out of their diminished situation.

    Nicely done, DT.

  2. Avalon

    Love the Artwork just feel the regression/shrinking was rushed. And the girls realized something was wrong but when looking at each other they only notice how skinny they each are not the fact they both are just about flat. I usually enjoy the stories but this one left me a bit empty on wanting to know what happens next. It all happened to fast.

  3. Steve

    Fun stuff! It’s like a cross between Beach Blanket Beauties, Big Splash, and Yard Work. Palcomix’ art is outstanding, as promised.

    I enjoyed the role reversal of the two pairs of girls, although SW following AR isn’t really my cup of tea. I’m curious to see where Part 2 goes.

  4. v00d00

    This comic is amazing. Easily my favourite so far! Great to see Suzy & Marilyn back!
    The artwork is wonderful and the story is perfect! Love the AR, then the shrinking is an added bonus! Can’t wait for part 2 to come out! I hope Mandy and her friend find them, and capture them, would be great to see some hand held scenes and humiliation!
    Please, more comics like this in the future!

  5. Tom

    I liked it a lot, and I loved the fast shrinking/regression. Hoping for some interaction and further changes next chapter!

  6. Cousin Roland

    Great scenario and artwork. Loved Mandy in Beach Blanket Beauties, and hoping she continues to heap more humiliations on her miniaturized rivals! Maybe someday she can even star in a comic where she gets the upper hand against Super Suzy 🙂 Bratty Mandy with super powers would be awesome!

  7. Steven

    I like it, though not that thrilled about all the shrinking. Is it just me, or was Suzy and Marilyn acting like little girls before Mandy showed up. I hope there’s more AR in store for Suzy and Marilyn. I would love to see Suzy and Marilyn as toddlers fighting over toys or dolls.

  8. Jane Miller

    Very nice, as always! Suzy and Marilyn have the worst luck!! It would be super cool if there was a cross over with Madison and Zoe from Flu Shots one day! Alright, I hope this is ok… I just finished a f/f story published on amazon kindle direct involving slow shrinking and a couple of other realistic transformations. Give the sample a look see and if ya like it – the rest is only $2.99. It’s 50 kindle pages, and part 1 of a 2 part series. Diora and Jessica are B-list actresses who are both super submissive, and they don’t know how to play the dominant role for the other. Their bedroom action nearly grinds to a halt, but then Jess spots a way to solve their problems – sex therapy . What they don’t realize is that they are going to be learning from example ! Two middle aged and attractive sex therapists are going to teach them a lesson in domination that will change their lives forever. I offer for your consideration “The Sex Therapy Trap”.

  9. Klatuk4u

    Well let me start with the positive. The art was excellent as usual and the story is what we should expect from a Dreamtales comic, so if you are familiar with Susie and Marilyn then you should understand what you are getting and I do mean that in a positive and consistent way. Also the Bojay bonus pics were real cool and added an extra bit of AR/AP to the comic(which is good because, well… I’ll address that can of worms below)

    As for the negatives, well the AR scenes were a bit rushed as others have said, and the AP is similar. As for the actual Regression/Progression it was thin on the ground, but that tends to be the case in the first issues of multiple part DT comics, with the subsequent installments getting the better portion.

    What really bugs me is that as an AR fan I understand that AR/AP are linked so that’s no problem. HOWEVER the biggest reason I have stopped buying these regularly (I think is the first one I bought in about 6 months or longer) is the fact that AR/AP is so often paired up with GTS/SW which literally dominates the majority of the issue (IMO) In truth… I rarely see AR/AP pop up in GTS or SW comics because I doubt that the fans of that genre would tolerate or purchase them then and that does make me wonder about why I continue to make my own purchases. I guess I just don’t care enough to buy something that is 25% what I want and 75% something I really don’t care for. I don’t think I would buy the next one as an AR fan.

    So to be fair if you like GTS and SW then I actually think this is more up your alley than most AR/AP fans would prefer (but I admit I could be wrong).

    So that’s my two cents for what they are worth.

    As always I do want to say thank you for your contributions to the community DT!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks very much, that’s very helpful feedback. Sorry it wasn’t completely to your liking.

      I’m not sure I understand – Flu Shots was meant to be AR / AP only, and came out in the last 6 months. Was there something about that series you didn’t like?

  10. Raso719

    I thought this was amazing! Very well drawn and Shrinking Women is definitely my favorite genre!
    I hope they get super tiny!

  11. June

    This was really fun. Mandy should emphasize dominance by putting them both on one of her breasts and threaten to shimmy them off if they misbehave :)…

    1. v00d00

      Yes, that would be cool to see. Really hope to see Mandy humiliating them in part 2, either with some hand held scenes or spanking, or teasing them with her sexy body, a bit like girls gone child! Having them ‘accidentally’ fall into her cleavage or something!

  12. tomy

    Hi DT. I enjoy Flu Shots so much . Hope when you can place another story like it.
    Still missing the sexiest hottest AMY!!!! :))

  13. Theobald


    It’s really great, I really love this one ^^. Probably one of my favorite.
    I’m a big fan of age progression (this is what I prefer) and the growth in this one is really excellent!
    The clothes ripping is good, I enjoy when the growth destroy all or a part them.
    Mandy’s really my favorite character in the dreamtales universe.

    Can’t wait to see more Age progression comics from Palmcomix with even more detailed transformation :).

  14. Odin

    I would really like to see a comic that is basiclly the opposite of olympic trails with suzy and marilyn are the big girls on a team and Mandy shrinks them and grows to win.

  15. v00d00

    I notice in the bottom panel of page 33, the pencil sketch page, Mandy and her friend are naked and getting close/intimate with each other. Will there be anything like this in part 2? Would be good to see the 2 of them exploring each others new sexy bodies!

      1. Cousin roland

        Can’t wait for this one. Really anticipating the continuation. Here’s hoping Mandy never gets her comeuppance!


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