House Sitting Two February 16, 2017

Mandy and her pal get zapped in House Sitting Part Two.

38 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Regression, Age Progression, SW
Artwork by PalComix

The exciting conclusion as Suzy and Marilyn meet Mandy and her nasty pal for another AR / AP / SW showdown!

Story Summary: Poor Suzy & Marilyn are reduced to helpless doll sized girls, while nasty Mandy and her pal have grown to sexy adults. Can Suzy and Marilyn prevail against their powerful foes? And just how much humiliation do they have to go through before they do?

House Sitting includes 30 multi-panel color pages, plus another 8 fun sketch pages by Bojay.

Note: This is Part Two of a Two Part comic.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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11 thoughts on “House Sitting Two

  1. v00d00

    I like this part, but not loved it like part 1. There was lots of potential, which I think was missed. Especially around Mandy humiliating Suzy & Marilyn with their sexy adult bodies.

    ##some spoilers below##
    One criticism I have, is the inconsistencies. The sizes of Suzy & Marilyn seems to fluctuate. In part 1 they seem to end up much smaller than 6″, as they shrank down from 6″ and were under a flower. Then part 2 they seem to be about 6″ as they are crouching inside a can, then bigger as they approach Mandy beside the pool, then smaller again as they climb into Mandy’s hand.
    Then, I wasn’t sure where Marilyn’s bikini comes from as she starts to grow. One minute she’s naked, then all of a sudden a bikini appears as she’s growing.
    Finally, how does the weed shrinker work? Suzy & Marilyn became tiny regressed children, even when Marilyn gets super small she stays the same age. But when Mandy and her friend get dosed, they regress to babies, but don’t shrink? Seems strange that they wouldn’t regress to children, then shrink like Suzy & Marilyn.

    Apart from that, I did enjoy it. The artwork is amazing as always. And it was good to see Suzy & Marilyn again. It’s a shame they didn’t get intimate at the end when they were big again, would have been hot to see them plus Alice getting it on!

    1. Barggy

      I noticed in yard work when nicole got hit with the weed stuff, she became younger in part 2 the used the growing stuff and became more woman, then in part 10, she shrank

    2. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, appreciate the detailed comments. There is a bit of literary license with Weed Shrinker, which was alluded to in the dialogue. I agree it’s not always consistent.

      Good idea for the ending!

  2. Chris

    Skipping this one, the first AR comic I’ve not bought, all the AR stuff on here is basically giantess/shrinking stuff with little to no baby/toddler regressions. Please, let someone else write these stories or poll the community for ideas, maybe? The last swath of AR comics have really missed the mark for me, at least.

  3. Tom

    Was a little irked by the inconsistent sizes, but overall a very enjoyable comic. Was hoping for some more extensive humiliation too. Still way better than anything else out there. Can’t wait for Yard Work to return!

  4. K.L.

    I know I said I’d give a detailed review of “Flu Shots 5”,but I haven’t gotten around to it and wanted to take my time. This comic was much shorter,so I decided to dash a quick commentary out.

    To be honest,I HATED it. It looks like it was pasted together from some leftover artwork you had done for other comics. The shrinking ,growth and AP/AR sequences seem so random,with no logic whatsoever. I don’t generally like full blown giantess/shrinking stories to begin with-I prefer minigiantess/AP/AR,making the girls very tall but keeping the transformations within normal human dimensions. But I’m willing to go with it if the story’s good.

    This one most definitely wasn’t. And the ending with the fate of Mandy and her friend was troubling. I was worried it was going to take a weird sexual turn after that,which fortunately it didn’t.

    Bottom line:Not your best work, sorry.

    1. m

      i’m agree with you . the dreamtales comics are going to be became so weak and boring !
      he don’t pay attention to us , he only love to make teen giantesses and AR !
      i wish he continue yard work with more mom and make other works with growing milfs 🙁

  5. nick

    Great that you finally stick to the AR genre when you make an AR comic, and even take them to babies, but may I ask what is up with that weird baby garb you always use? They look like they’re dressed in night gowns, not baby clothes, and where are the diapers? You can’t even make out an outline of a diaper. They look like hunched over, slightly chubby kids. Great they’re in a crib, but if I’m gonna buy another AR comic, and a character turns into a baby, I don’t think them wearing a diaper is asking too much…


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