Little Joker Part One September 15, 2017

Jackie drives her little sister Serena crazy in Little Joker Part One.

40 pages, Color, US$11.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Yuan

A classic Female AR / AP comic with great art by the Yard Work artist Yuan! Jackie is a Little Joker; she loves to play tricks on her little sister Serena. And the comic features one of the best looking Mom’s ever!

Story Summary: Jackie drives her sister Serena crazy with her silly tricks and practical jokes. But one big trick backfires, making Jackie regress to a child. Part One has a great unaware sequence, plus an appearance by the Puberty Fairies.

This comic is Part One of a Two Part series.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 11.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 13.99
This Artist’s Edition  includes (1) 40 pages of original sketch drawings plus (2) 40 pages of uncolored inked drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 120 total pages of great art! 

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18 thoughts on “Little Joker Part One

  1. Steve G

    So far so good. It’s par for the course for a DT sister reversal comic with the difference here being that the big siser is a bit more of a trickster and a bit brattier than we’ve seen before. I’d like to see her embrace her role of the trickster in the next part a bit more and cause a little age chaos, but given the transformation mechanic established here, I’m not getting my hopes up.

    The Puberty Fairies were a neat little treat! That was a nice way to incorporate them.

    IMO, Yuan’s art really makes it worth it. This mom was lovely as promised even if we didn’t see too much of her–though I expect we’ll be seeing more of her in the next part. Personally I’m hoping she ends up on the wrong end of a trick too, if you catch my drift 😉 It’s been a while since we’ve seen a MILF feeling more youthful than she bargained for.

    Overall, if you like DT’s sister role reversal comics and Yuan’s style this is a good one.

  2. Thomas Roberts

    Hopefully Jackie’s cute little bare bottom will get a spanking from selena in part 2 because of a practical joke

  3. gts

    I hope some growth for this Mom in next part , she can be great mini giantess too , all Moms can be the perfect giantesses!

    1. Karo L

      Oh please,come on. Leave growing to the kids. I’d rather see Serena grow into a 7 foot tall college age beauty with an hourglass figure while Jackie goes back to normal,runs to “get back” at Serena-and gets a gigantic surprise when she catches up to her. Like that old Tom and Jerry cartoon where Jerry grows huge at the end of the cartoon…………..

      But that’s just me.


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