Upcoming Comics January 8, 2017

Suzy and Marilyn get into a water battle with Weed Shrinker in House Sitting Part One.

There are some fun new comics planned for 2017, starting with my personal favorite:

House Sitting is a new Suzy & Marilyn AR / AP comic by Palcomix. Suzy and Marilyn are invited to house sit a mansion for a friend, and find that nasty Mandy is the neighborhood troublemaker. Suzy gets into a Weed Shrinker water battle with Marilyn, shrinking them both to kids, while Mandy and her pal grow to sexy adults. This comic has some of Palmcomix’ best artwork – every bit as good as Beach Blanket Beauties. House Sitting is in two parts.

Bojay Cartoons: Another great collection of GTS and transformation ideas from the fertile mind of Bojay!

There are more comics in the works, and I hope to have more Yard Work completed soon.

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8 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Dave

    Wow just that sample looks gorgeous, Palcomix just keeps getting better and better with the artwork. Is House Sitting planned for release this month?

  2. tomy

    i always love Suzy and Marilyn stories. But i miss Amy. She’s the hottest!!! Hope hear something from her soon!!!


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