Upcoming Comics March 4, 2017

Hey, look what I found!

Here is the next comic coming up:

Bojay Giantess Cartoons (Part Two): More great Giantess-themed cartoons by the fertile mind of Bojay. This collection is all-color comics, with more finished inks than the previous comic.

There are more comics coming, including more collections from Bojay. Stay tuned!

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14 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

    1. m

      comments work but we have disappointed about your comics !
      hope to see comics like yard work with growing milfs soon , thanks .

      1. Curveball

        Speak for yourself. Also, don’t be rude to Dreamtales. He’s under no obligation to you specifically. Also, I don’t see how you can enjoy his comics if you read English as poorly as you write it. Guess you just skip to the pictures of Yard Work mom.

        1. m

          what are you saying ? how you can think for all ?
          my english is weak , but it seems your mind is more weaker !
          sorry dear dreamtales but some people think they are Einstein !!

          1. Curveball

            You also do not speak or think for all.

            You on every thread: “Dreamtales we want Yard Work, we want Yard Work, we want more and more mom!!!”

            NO. I do not want Yard Work, and I do not want mom. Therefore, I am not part of “we,” and you do NOT think for ME.

            Your own weakness is beyond description.

  1. Ghost909

    Can’t wait to see Bojay’s new work. Though I would like to see more AR and AP stuff from him. The other artists are great but I love Bojay’s attention to detail and seems to be the least shy when it comes to including nudity in his work. I noticed that most won’t even draw nipples when the characters are bare chested, Bojay seems to always add draw them when they are. I mean these are adult comics, yet there seems to be not alot of adult content in them.


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