Upcoming Comics May 4, 2017

A sexy cosplayer in a scene from Comic Con AR Version.

Here are the next comics coming down the pike:

Comic Con AR Version (Part One): More sexy cosplay fun by Bojay! This is a new story, not a sequel,  and focuses on Bojay’s specialty, lots of Age Regression and Age Progression.

New Age Regression Comic: There is a new AR comic underway by the Yard Work artist Yuan.

And the new Yard Work comic is coming along and should be ready later this year!

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10 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Theodore

    Please make a multi-part series where the big brother stays the same size, but the smaller younger sister gradually grows bigger and stronger than him. Eventually she overpowers him. Make the growth gradual and slow over time. Some incest undertones and maybe even an incest scene would be nice also. It’s sexy to see the older sibling lose control not only over their power/authority but their rational desires as well.


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