Upcoming Comics July 1, 2017

Mom gets too big for economy class in Yard Work 16.

Here’s an update on the new comics:

This is a sneak peek at the new Yard Work comic that features the gang on an airplane. Lots of growing and shrinking, teasing by Amy, and Mom just gets bigger and bigger! Hope to have this one ready in August!

There is also a new transformation-themed comic by Bojay in production as well.

As mentioned, there is also a new New Age Regression Comic underway by the Yard Work artist Yuan.

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19 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Odin

    Still hoping for Amy to take control of the house when mom has a shrinking episode. Feel like it was teased in 8 but then the story went off in left field. I’m thinking like Amy getting grounded and can’t have friends over but then mom shrinks so Amy traps her (probably in a glass jar) and has a small party making luke serve drinks.

  2. kong

    Mom looks perfect like always , hope to see more of her in front of her tiny family , she is amazing !!

  3. qzar

    yesss , make mom the biggest and hottest , i want to see her so big and busty always , 10 ft ore more with bigger boobs can be perfect for her normal sizes , Mom is the love !!!

  4. Fm003

    Beh considerando che e’ un anno che aspettiamo un capitolo di questa saga ogni giorno sara’ un eternita’ …
    Vorrei vedere una micro shrinking … con una mamma sexy e aggressiva tipo il capitolo 6 con il suo ex marito e compagna … magari anche un po di piu’ umiliante per loro …


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