Upcoming Comics August 5, 2017

Isadora meets a magical sprite in Bojay Shorts One.

Here’s an update on the latest comics:

Bojay Shorts: A collection of several short comics by Bojay. All comics feature Bojay’s incredible take on Female Growth, with several also having shrinking men themes.

It seems Yard Work 16 was a favorite. There will definitely be more to come!

Plus there are more AR and GTS comics in the works.

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Big fan

    I’m excited for the upcoming comics dreamtales. But I had a good idea. What if u were to revisit old comics and give them an altered story or ending? Like Betsy in “A tale of two sisters” or Mandy from “beach blanket beauties” going back in time and changing what happened in those comics? For example Betsy would be able to switch her shampoo with Lauren’s so she would have the growth spurt and maybe gets a little sex in a bottle for herself and youth in a bottle for Lauren so their physiques are completely reversed. And Mandy could keep her age and shrink Suzy down to doll size for trying to overthrow her, and just ruthlessly tease her, like holding Suzy up to her breasts in the mirror and showing her that she is smaller than even just her breasts, there wasn’t enough teasing in “beach blanket beauties” I felt. Obviously these concepts could be applied to other comics as well. Sometimes widening the superiority gap rather than reversing roles can be even more exciting. Just something to think about

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks! I’ve been thinking along these lines as well. I’m definitely interested in a redo of “Regressing to the Mean” as well as some others.

      Good point about widening the superiority gap too.

      1. v00d00

        I think I’d rather see a sequel to Beach Blanket Beauties, maybe where Mandy or Marilyn get revenge on Suzy. They have the device that shrinks as well as regresses from the end of ch.2. Maybe Suzy is shrunk and regressed to a little doll girl. Or just shrunk and played with by a giantess Mandy or Marilyn.

        I think sequels will go down better with people, based on the reaction to Big Splash 2. I don’t think people want a rehash/reboot.

        Sequels you could do:
        Beach Blanket Beauties 3
        Alyssa, the Witch Little Sister 3
        Girl’s Gone Child 3 (after the mom walks in on Lauren having sex with Betsy’s boyfriend, maybe she shrinks Lauren as punishment)
        Switcheroo 2
        A Growing Attraction 3 (i want to see Betsy grow back to a busty teen girl, but not gain any height, so she remains shrunk, like she was as a baby at the end of ch2. This way you could include some sexy naked scenes)
        Big Splash 2 (Or 3, but a real sequel to the first version, not a reboot)
        Superchick’s Fans 3
        Another Rebecca SW BDSM comic (please)

        1. gts

          I like to see Big Splash 3 with lots of growth for mother . I hope to see growing milfs in Bojay’s works too .

        2. v00d00

          Just to be clear, for ‘A Growing Attraction 3’ i meant Betsy progresses in age back to a busty teen girl, but doesn’t grow in height. So once back, she’s still doll sized.
          Maybe the doctors tell Lauren the only way to reverse what happened to Betsy and their mother, is that she has to breast feed them both, to pass on her growth hormones. She does this for both, her baby mother growing back to a little girl, teen, young adult and woman. Tiny baby Betsy also tries, although Laurens nipples are bigger than her head. So Lauren has to express her milk. Betsy ages back in the same way, but remains shrunk.
          You could have some fun scenes with the babysitter from ch2 looking after them both, especially Betsy once she’s aged back, but can still be held, spanked and played with by the babysitter!
          Maybe the babysitter accidentally drinks some of Lauren’s breast milk, which was meant for Betsy, and starts to grow into a sexy amazon teen!?

  2. Vel

    Alternatively “Night at the Opera” with Suzy and Marilyn regression while keeping baby Frank attentions and/or during the Opera the bottle is left in the ladys bathroom, mistaken for a perfume… XD

  3. Utzi

    I like the idea of Betsy being a little bit bigger than Lauren in the beginning of the comic but she keeps growing and getting sexier while Lauren shrinks and shrinks. And through the whole comic Betsy just teases her more and more and more.


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