Upcoming Comics September 4, 2017

Jackie and Serena have a talk with their Mom in Littler Joker Part One.

Here are the latest comics coming up.

Little Joker is a classic two part AR / AP comic. Jackie likes to play tricks on her sister Serena, but sometimes they backfire. It features some great age regression art from Yuan (and one of the best looking Moms so far!).

The next Yard Work is in development, but will take a while. Please stay tuned!

Plus more Giantess and Age Regression comics in the works!

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21 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. ageprogression

    Please make the age progression scenes long and detailed. Let them explore there body changes more. Maybe some scene where she puts on her top and it looks like she would were a push up bra because of her breastgrowth or let her shorts become low waist shorts showing her pelvis bones. Its sad when the girls instantly find perfect fitting clothes. Let them struggle with fitting into the clothes they got when they get older and later maybe into their mum’s ones when they get more curves than her 😛


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