Upcoming Comics October 1, 2017

Serena finally has Jackie right where she wants her.

Here are the latest comics in the works.

Little Joker Two: With Jackie shrunk to a little girl, her sister Serena finally gets to turn the tables on her.

As noted before, the next Yard Work is in development, but will take a while. Please stay tuned!

Plus more Giantess and Age Regression comics in the works!

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23 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Kaldy

    Great to hear about “Yard Work”!

    I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that the Luke/Amy interaction cranks up several notches. We’ve already been there with the Mom character, and it’d be brilliant to see it with Amy too.

    Either way, Dreamtales, do take your time. If it means getting an amazing comic, as so many in this series have been, then it’ll be worth the wait!

    Can you ever remember when this was meant to be a five-parter? 😉

  2. Karo L

    Before I get to my comment, I want to say I know I swore to comment on the conclusion of “Flu Shots”-which I liked quite a bit!- but things have been crazy setting up my publishing company and it’s not over yet. I still hope to do this eventually.

    To my comment, I’m enjoying ” Little Joker” as a simple, straightforward role reversal/growth/AP/AR story. I know you’ve probably got the second part completely mapped out if not written out and being illustrated right now, but my suggestion for part 2? After the mandatory “tables turned” sequence where Serena gets her payback- the fairies reverse the AR on Jackie and she runs to get back at Serena. But what she doesn’t know is that at the same time she’s gone back to normal,
    Serena’s been given a huge AP growth spurt by the fairies-not unlike that of Betsy in the original “Puberty Fairies” comics. Not only that,but the fairies use a “maturity spell” on Serena to make her EMOTIONALLY and INTELLECTUALLY 20 years old on top of her now-Amazonian size. So when Jackie catches up to Serena, there’s a shocking moment for Jackie (like the old Tom and Jerry cartoon with the growth formula where Tom slowly turns around and looks up at a now-gigantic Jerry). Jackie looks WAY up at the now nearly 7 foot tall,buxom and GORGEOUS 20 year old Serena-who smiles down at her while Jackie freaks, bolts and runs. Serena now passes her in 2 long strides and picks up Jackie like a toddler. “L-let me go, don’t hurt me,Serena,please! They were just jokes,please!” “Oh, Jackie-I know all that. Why would I hurt you? I’M YOUR BIG SISTER,IT’S MY JOB TO TAKE CARE OF YOU.” And Jackie just stares in shock up at the beautiful Amazon as she takes her in their shared room…….

    Ok,you can take it from there. Other then not having any freaky sex in the room, what happens from there is entirely at your disposal.

    But again-you’ve probably got the story already completely planned, so this is just a futile suggestion.Again,it’s your world, we just live in it.

    Again, good job!

    Karo L.

        1. dreamtales Post author

          Actually these comics take months to complete – from the plot, to the script, to sketches to inks and colors and lettering. So this has been underway for a while!

      1. killer5

        the idea from Karo L. can you make it into a different version so it wont be part of story but a different path
        I would like the sex in a bottle to have a part three of the mother drinks the age progression by bring it back for a refund but made her more beautiful a youthful like strong and slim. the daughter would be surprised and would dump the guy she was out with because she could do so much better with a different man.

        also any different version that can go right or wrong if they decide to do the opposite of the story. I just like different version of stories.

  3. Anon

    Have you ever thought of doing spinoffs of characters after they changed? For example the guy from flu shots (I forget his name) but the one that Zoe and Madison liked. What if he goes home after shrinking and finds his little sister is now a few years olde than him. After a dip in the lake the next morning with her friends she comes back a teenager and teases her little brother.

  4. Hunter S. Creek

    Hoping for — “The Wrong Sister: Part 2”.

    I very much liked the basic age progression idea behind the original “The Wrong Sister” comic in that Kelly, the younger sister, became tall and nicely developed while Amy, the older sister, did not suffer any age regression, shrinking, or humiliation.

    Unfortunately the original “The Wong Sister” story did not show us much of Kelly’s backstory. It also did not show us much detail regarding Kelly’s growth or, how she and Amy, and their friends (especially boys) might have reacted to Kelly as she outgrew them, and developed into a hottie.

    Since the original story ends with Amy finally starting to grow/develop a little bit, and has her finding a nerdy boy that she likes; I was thinking that it might be fun to see a sequel.

    A sequel could show us details of Amy’s continuing growth and development. It would be fun to see Amy outgrow her clothes, and eventually outgrow Kelly’s clothes (especially including Kelly’s bra), too. It would also be fun to watch the various characters’ reactions as Amy grows: especially when Amy begins to outgrow her new, prudish, nerdy boyfriend, and eventually when she outgrows her sister Kelly in height, bustiness, and overall hotness.

    It would be fun if Amy’s growth and over-development could be secondary to the surreptitious intervention of her new, prudish, nerdy boyfriend. The nerdy boyfriend decides that Amy deserves a chance to become as attractive as her “little” sister, Kelly, so he secretly spikes Amy’s drink with his homemade vitamins. No one, including Amy, ever learns about the nerd’s secret vitamins.

    Initially the nerd is thrilled as Amy starts to grow over the first few weeks. So is Amy. But, over the course of weeks or months Amy grows much taller and bustier than the nerdy boyfriend expected. An unexpected side-effect is that the formerly sweet and innocent Amy really likes getting bigger and sexier; and she becomes more and more assertive regarding the physicality of their girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. The nerdy boyfriend becomes a bit intimidated by Amy’s increasing size, hotness, and aggressive behavior. The nerd additionally becomes worried when he notices that other guys (including Kelly’s boyfriend, Rob) are starting to pay attention to Amy.

    Amy initially stays loyal to the nerd; even as she becomes hotter and sexier than Kelly. The nerd eventually overcomes his intimidation, and begins to really enjoy having a trophy girlfriend that is much taller and more mature-looking than him: and, who enjoys occasionally taking advantage of him, physically.

    But, eventually all of the attention from the many attractive, non-nerdy guys begins to tempt Amy. Amy eventually becomes dissatisfied with having a short, underdeveloped nerdy boyfriend when she can have her pick of any other guy: including maybe even Rob.

    Shortly after Amy and the nerd break up, we see the nerd’s very cute but short, scrawny, underdeveloped, and nerdy neighbor girl consoling him. She tells him how bad she feels for him. She commiserates somewhat by mentioning that she, Kelly, and Amy used to play together “… that is before Kelly and Amy became too big for their britches” (“And, much too big for their training bras” the nerd adds under his breath while envisioning the now tall and busty sisters wearing clothes that are much too small while sitting and playing at a sand box with this little, nerdy neighbor friend).

    Shortly after the nerdy neighbor girl seems to have succeeded in cheering the nerd up; she also apprehensively confesses that she is kind of glad that he and Amy broke-up; because she has always had a crush on him. She pecks the nerd on the cheek. Then, shocked by her own boldness, she runs off.

    For a bit the nerd is taken aback. As he watches her scamper to her house, he contemplates recent events. He also sees that she is greeted by her parents and her older brother and sister. They all wave to him. He decides that this neighbor girl is very sweet and kind: and, actually exceptionally cute. He knows her family, but has not spent much time with any of them lately: her brother is in his class and they used to hang together before the nerd started dating Amy. The nerdy neighbor girl’s sister is two years ahead of the brother. They are all very nice people. The nerd decides that he would like to spend more time with them again.

    He may be a nerd, but he is still a guy so, despite his good intentions, his mind’s eye wanders a bit, and he envisions what the nerdy neighbor girl might look like when she finally were to eventually grow up. He determines that she would most likely look like her Mom and sister: but, with a cuter face. He noted that the Mom and the sister are shorter than average. The Mom and the sister are both fairly average-looking with skinny bodies.

    The nerd decides to help this nerdy neighbor girl by giving her puberty a really, really good kick-start by covertly giving her a double-dose of his homemade vitamins.

    And then — perhaps in part 3 – the reader can watch as this short, nerdy neighbor girl becomes a very cute, very tall, very athletic, and very busty babe — while making the nerd very happy and showing-up (including some before and after scenarios) some of the guys and girls and teachers and coaches that had teased her for being such a short, scrawny nerdette.

    1. Andrew

      Was always a fan of Hunter’s work :), a Dreamtales and Hunter S Creek collaboration sounds like a great idea 🙂

    2. dreamtales Post author

      Wow, that’s a whole comic series right there! I’m really glad you like Wrong Sister, it’s one of my faves and I’ve been working on a sequel. My focus has been more on the original backstory (as you point out, this was not fully developed).

      I’ll definitely keep these ideas in mind!


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