Upcoming Comics October 29, 2017

Jeena reacts after gulping a strange growth potion in Kinky Kong.

Here are the latest new comics!

Kinky Kong is a fun Giantess / Female Growth / Breast Enlargement comic by Bojay. Explorer Jeena visits an African village and take a strange potion that turns her into a GTS version of King Kong.

There are several other comics in the works, including some nice Age Regression and Female Growth comics.

The next Yard Work will likely not be ready for a while, but stay tuned!

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17 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. JV

    Have you thought about doing a reversed comic where the kids are smarter and mature and act like adults and the adults act like children,because that seems like a great idea with art either by Bojay,Palcomix,or Yuan?

      1. kong

        Why ?! I guess we had it before ,it’s like soul change.
        I would like to see mini giantess matures , however you can do it for men.

        1. kong

          so that’s nice , mini giantess milfs with kids actions with normal teens with adult acts . i hope dreamtales pay attention !

      1. Vashdas

        Thanks , really looking forward to this one …… just out of curiosity is there anyway you could bump the date up? lol

    1. Everchange

      Will there be any shrinking woman stuff, period? I have been finding myself less and less excited to come to this site to see what is new. I don’t mind some of the other things offered, but your Shrinking Woman comics used to be top notch. Now it feels like it is an afterthought tacked onto AR comics.

      1. dreamtales Post author

        There definitely will be more SW comics – SW is one of my favorites! I agree there has been a lack of SW stuff lately, but Yard Work 16 had a nice SW angle.

        These things tend to go in waves. So please hang in there.


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