Upcoming Comics December 2, 2017

Stanley tries to get Giantess Jeena’s attention.

Here are the latest comics in the works!

Kinky Kong Part Two features more great artwork by Bojay and lots of Giantess scenes. Jeena just keeps growing!

There are several other comics in the works, including some nice Age Regression and Female Growth comics. I’m working on a new one with Bojay that might be the best AR comic he’s ever done.

And I hear you loud and clear – more Yard Work!

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19 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. m

    It’s amazing she is growing more.
    Please make a mini giantess milf comic with bojay arts , and love to see more yard work and growing moms always.

  2. Fm003

    Quindi dovro’ passare un Natale senza YARD WORK ?
    Per favore, mi faccia un regalo
    La mamma deve rimpiccolire un estraneo a dimenzioni micro

      1. v00d00

        Might I suggest something along the lines of my email, with Suzy & Frank and Marilyn in a parody of the new Matt Damon film Downsizing?

        Suzy & Frank don’t earn much, so trade it all in to downsize into a tiny doll village. Marilyn is a nurse at the shrinking/downsizing corporation, who takes a liking to the tiny couple, and kidnaps them, taking them home to play with!

  3. Anon

    Could we see a Betsy and Lauren comic where Betsy starts out younger and then grows older while Lauren becomes younger and smaller? Or a Suzy and Marilyn where Marilyn keeps Suzy as her shrunken pet? Or better yet where Mandy stays a sexy woman and teases them. It would be good to see the others win for once. Especially with Betsy and lauren

  4. TB

    I would love to see some “shrinking/ar mom” comics like puberty fairies, sex in a bottle or a growing attraction. Perhaps a continuation of “Little Joker” where Jackie tries to shrink Serena with the medicine, may be during sleep; but mom gets it. And I am sure a comic version of “A week at the beach” would be super hit.

      1. TB

        Thanks for the info. Though I honestly wonder why there is no comic version of “A week at t he beach”. I mean there is everything you need and though we already know the story (This might be the only reason); it doesn’t make it any lees appealing. It has more kinks any AR comic needs plus some more.


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