Yard Work Sixteen July 16, 2017

Amy dresses up Luke as a baby and pretends to be his mother in Yard Work Sixteen.

42 pages, Color, US$11.99
Giantess, Mini_Giantess, Shrinking Women
Artwork by Yuan

Amy, Luke, Mom, Nicole and the whole Yard Work gang in a growing / shrinking extravaganza with something for everyone.

I really missed seeing these characters, and it’s nice to have them back again!

Story Summary: Yard work on a plane! Luke starts shrinking due to stress, so the family takes a vacation. Lots and lots of Amy teasing Luke, as she dresses her older brother in baby clothes and pretends to be his mother. Meanwhile Mom gets bigger and gigger, causing a stir among the passengers. And Nicole has a plan to shrink to get more legroom – what could go wrong?

Note: This is Part Sixteen of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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42 thoughts on “Yard Work Sixteen

  1. Ed

    I can only say wow… well done. Very enjoyable story.
    The only thing I still want to see and hope you can do is a couple of comics focused on Amy growing… I mean she was exposed to even more weed grow but the only one having surges is the mother.
    Still very nice comic.

    Fingers crossing you have plans for an Amy extravaganza with lots of growing and shrinking…

  2. Tomy

    Hi DT. Thanks for bring the whole Yard Work gang back again! I miss the hottest Amy back teasing Luke!
    as for the Mom’s fans (i’m not) they cant complain. There was something to everyone!
    Good job!… Looking for more of Amy in the future.

  3. Put Yard Work Out To Pasture

    Meh. More mom-centric growth with more hints/teases at real change in dynamics within the cast, but still unfulfilled. The “story” is very old. This would be better off just being spunoff into some unconnected short-comics of growth featuring the mother character in various situations. Since that’s all this series has essentially become anyway. The rest of the characters/scenes are just padding.

    1. phoneix

      No , The story is perfect for everyone and it’s so cool and unique! The Mom is lovable character for all and her growth make excellent scenes . There are more comics in this site without mom but please let this one have a growing mother in it , thanks all!

  4. Steve

    Hope in 17 Nicole & luke stay small and amy get have some fun with them .and mom gets too have some fun too

    1. v00d00

      Totally agree!

      Really hope there next chapter is Nicole and Luke still tiny, on vacation with mom and Amy! Would love to see a tiny Nicole & Luke rubbing sun lotion on Amy & mom. Or Amy holding Nicole and rubbing sun lotion over her tiny body while Luke watches!

  5. Kaldy

    Great stuff, Dreamtales!

    Still waiting for the interaction between Amy and Luke to ramp up a notch, as it did with Mom back in Issue 10 (albeit unknowingly). It’s been hinted at a few times, and it was again in this chapter, and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping it’s going to the next step!

    More than anything, though, it’s just great to see the characters again. It’s been FAR too long and I hope the next issue’s coming hot on the heels! Certainly can’t wait to purchase No. 17!

  6. jasbow

    As a SM fan I really enjoyed seeing Luke shrink smaller than a little girl and man handled by his little little sister. A non AR Luke in baby bunny suit was hilarious. But my favorite characters are still Suzy, Frank and friends. Frank has gotten younger twice but he hasn’t shrunk since the Skyscraper Suzy series. He’s past due for a good slow shrink. You’ve already done one Marx Bros homage. How about doing “A Day at the Races”. Suzy spends her life savings on a race horse to compete with Marilyn but can’t afford a jockey to ride it so she convinces a reluctant Frank to shrink to Jockey size but Marilyn spikes Frank’s water bottle with more shrinking formula.

  7. Duke

    Pleeeeease make Emily, the girl from the plane, grow during the vacation. Maybe she stole a bottle from Nicole’s purse.

  8. v00d00

    A return to form for DT! A great comic. Really liked all the shrinking here, especially Nicole with the girl, and the hand held scenes. Also liked the breastfeeding scene!

    Really hope there next chapter is Nicole and Luke still tiny, finally on vacation with mom and Amy! Would love to see a tiny Nicole & Luke rubbing sun lotion on bikini clad Amy & mom. Or Amy holding a naked Nicole and rubbing sun lotion over her tiny body while Luke watches! Or maybe Nicole and Luke shrink further, and end up being rubbed all over Amy or mom as sun lotion is applied, or getting trapped in one of their bikini bottoms!

  9. Vader

    This is a good continuation of Yard Work. It’s well drawn and a fun story. Personally I want to see Amy and Luke get along for once. Liked the shot at the end with Luke and Nicole in mom’s hand. I am fairly certain that Luke was groping his mom’s breasts too.

    As others suggested with the sun lotion, if that happens Luke should totally slip n slide between mom’s breasts and into her bikini bottoms.
    Or have Luke shrunk in mom’s panties all day. Mom unaware he is there till the end of the day, turned on by his struggling to get out. And have Amy and Nicole trapped between mom’s breast so she wont lose them.

  10. grim

    Some thoughts from someone who has bought all 16 individually:

    * Please actually follow through on luke/amy and/or luke/mom. Im tired of being jerked around

    * Id prefer more focus on the process similar to how the first few were (especially 2)

    *Id love fewer dumb faces on the random bystanders. In fact, Id love if it went back to focusing on the main cast and did away with the extras. They only seem to exist to distract.

    Please let me know if you plan on addressing anything here. Im not sure I want to buy the next one, but Im open to hearing it will be more up my alley

  11. qzar

    I like the Mom’s growing and her figure , however she is a little skinny but she is adorable and top. I wish to see more of her and her growth soon and we have more page of her. also having giantess Moms in other works will make them great works too.

  12. bluedog79

    This part was great!
    I wanna more of Mom in the next parts , please keep her at 10 ft tall for her standard size and 6 ft for amy but Luke 3-4 ft tall,thanks.

  13. Goodshrnkr

    Good installment of Yard Work. I’m a SW fan, and there’s some good stuff in this one. Though the one thing I have been waiting to see in Yard Work is for Amy to shrink and get played with or something. Maybe even Luke getting revenge and taunting her when she’s tiny for a change. It always seems like its Amy teasing Luke and she never shrinks, just Luke.

  14. Alex

    Luke’s Mom is really awesome woman, I would like to see more of her in future parts, she needs lots of growth and expansions.

  15. William

    I wish to see new yard work and the mom soon, I want to see mom really huge and thick, she is a majestic woman, I missed her, continue, please!


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