Big Little Sister Two June 16, 2018

Kelly draws a crowd in Big Little Sister Two.

52 pages, Color, US$11.99
Giantess, Mini-Giantess
Artwork by The Pepper Pair

More great female growth and giantess fun in Part Two as Kelly keeps growing and growing!

Story Summary: Now a tall sexy knockout, little sister Kelly just keeps getting bigger, going from tall to mini-giantess to 30 feet tall. At each stage of the way, cute sister April and Justin try to help Kelly “fit in.” A modeling job turns into a disaster as Kelly becomes bigger than a billboard!

Note: Part Two is pretty much a classic giantess tale, and does not include AR or AP.

“The Big Little Sister Part One” has 52 pages, including 36 multi-panel color pages by the Pepper Pair, plus another 16 pages of black and white drawings and concept pieces by Bojay.

Sample illustrations

Price: US$11.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 13.99
This comic is also offered in an Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 78 pages of original uncolored ink and pencil drawings that show the detail of the original art.​

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16 thoughts on “Big Little Sister Two

  1. Hunter S. Creek

    “Tall” and “Mini-giantess” can be fun, but I am much less interested in “Giantess”. So, I am curious as to how much of the story involves “Giantess”.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Well it depends on what your definition of Mini-GTS is, but it’s roughly half tall girl and mini-GTS.

      Keep in mind there are 52 pages of art so that’s still 26 pages!

  2. T

    Better than the first part both for the course of the story and for the drawings (I found them more detailed). The final bodes well in a sequel. It will be?

  3. Tommy

    Loved it. And now, can we have just a hint of when to expect the much-anticipated return of Yard Work?

  4. Andy

    The artwork is incredible and I love where this story is going. Really hope she continues to grow and we see a blossoming relationship with Luke.


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