Big Little Sister Two June 16, 2018

Kelly draws a crowd in Big Little Sister Two.

52 pages, Color, US$11.99
Giantess, Mini-Giantess
Artwork by The Pepper Pair

More great female growth and giantess fun in Part Two as Kelly keeps growing and growing!

Story Summary: Now a tall sexy knockout, little sister Kelly just keeps getting bigger, going from tall to mini-giantess to 30 feet tall. At each stage of the way, cute sister April and Justin try to help Kelly “fit in.” A modeling job turns into a disaster as Kelly becomes bigger than a billboard!

Note: Part Two is pretty much a classic giantess tale, and does not include AR or AP.

“The Big Little Sister Part One” has 52 pages, including 36 multi-panel color pages by the Pepper Pair, plus another 16 pages of black and white drawings and concept pieces by Bojay.

Sample illustrations

Price: US$11.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 13.99
This comic is also offered in an Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 78 pages of original uncolored ink and pencil drawings that show the detail of the original art.​

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17 thoughts on “Big Little Sister Two

  1. Hunter S. Creek

    “Tall” and “Mini-giantess” can be fun, but I am much less interested in “Giantess”. So, I am curious as to how much of the story involves “Giantess”.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Well it depends on what your definition of Mini-GTS is, but it’s roughly half tall girl and mini-GTS.

      Keep in mind there are 52 pages of art so that’s still 26 pages!

      1. Xzell

        Great comic it was worth every penny! Will you continue this story? Can’t wait to see Kelly grow exponentially bigger and curvier with each growth spurt. It would be nice to see her hair grow longer too.

  2. T

    Better than the first part both for the course of the story and for the drawings (I found them more detailed). The final bodes well in a sequel. It will be?

  3. Tommy

    Loved it. And now, can we have just a hint of when to expect the much-anticipated return of Yard Work?

  4. Andy

    The artwork is incredible and I love where this story is going. Really hope she continues to grow and we see a blossoming relationship with Luke.


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