Big Book of Breast Expansion Two April 8, 2018

50 pages, Color and Black & White
US $9.99
Breast Expansion, Body Swap, Giantess
Artwork by Bojay

Another great collection of one-page pinups and stories featuring growing and top-heavy ladies from Bojay.

Story Summary: Switcheroo Sprite (25 pages) features a mischievous sprite who casts breast enlargement and breast reduction spells. While a skinny college coed hits the jackpot, a sexy Italian bombshell gets deflated! The pinups include some really spectacular new work by Bojay.

“The Big Book of Breast Expansion Two” has 50 pages, including 10 color pages and 8 multi-panel pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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14 thoughts on “Big Book of Breast Expansion Two

  1. Ben

    Yeah this was fun, and I can certainly get into some breast expansion fun, but I really come here for the SW, I know it might not be the most popular, but that’s my thing. So perhaps a Bojay SW themed book, with lots of SW that are not all doll sized, some half sized, clothes falling off etc.

  2. Tommy

    Dreamtales, any word on what’s next?

    Dying for some Yard Work news. Would also love to see your take on body swapping/gender bender.

  3. m

    Wow, things must be tough for Dreamtales right now. No sign of DT since April 2 on here. The last update on things in the pipeline was vague at best beyond the BBoBE 2. And now we are at the 8th of the month and no peep on what is coming up next.


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