The Maternity Ward March 10, 2018

Baby Roger has his eyes on the prize in the Maternity Ward.

31 pages, Black & White
US $9.99
Male Age Regression
Artwork by Bojay

A great Male Age Regression comic by Bojay! Roger, a medical salesman, becomes a baby to join a unique Maternity Ward, where all the nurses breast feed the babies.

Story Summary: Visiting salesman Roger uses a baby hormone treatment to shrink to baby size and join a maternity ward. The ward is filled with sexy, topless nurses that fawn over him. But trouble arises when Nurse Helga finds out what he’s up to! Great detailed Age Regression artwork by Bojay.

“The Maternity Ward” includes 31 mostly multi-panel pages, plus another 3 sketch pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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26 thoughts on “The Maternity Ward

    1. Carlos Quinta

      I really enjoyed this story but I wish it had more than breastfeeding like he would’ve pooped and pee in his diaper have been spoon fed, but I really wish that I really was a baby

  1. Darknail

    bojays artstyle doesn’t really do it for me anymore, the premise was ok but ultimately felt pretty meh for me

    1. Frass

      Yes, there’s something about Bojay style that turns me off lately. I think it’s the puffy cheeks on everyone. The girls look bloated when they could be much more beautiful without them.

  2. Blastoise

    I liked it, but it was like a one trick pony. Guy regresses and then nursing for 20 pages.

    The ABDL stuff did nothing for me, and the spanking might have gone on too long IMO.

    A more interesting ending would have been to make the head nurse regress.

  3. Anon

    2 questions. Any Betsy and Lauren on the way? And also would you ever consider doing a revamped version of something in the water like you did with the big splash? Same concept new characters and story. It would be cool to see maybe a love triangle/ competition between 2 girls maybe one of them was a little underdeveloped before the water contamination and now she’s the queen bee whereas the former queen bee is the only girl in school who actually got younger, sort of a cross between something in the water and mating Wars I guess.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Sorry for the late reply, been on the road. I’d love to do another Betsy & Lauren story, but for now prefer to do the other comics like Flu Shots and Little Joker that explore other characters. I really love sibling rivalries, as you can see.

      “would you ever consider doing a revamped version of something in the water like you did with the big splash?” Yes definitely! I love that concept and will try to think of a nice plot…

      1. Anon

        No apology necessary I’ve always appreciated how well you interact with your customers. And I agree sibling rivalry stories are great, I look forward to your future works!

      2. v00d00

        Any chance in doing a sibling rivalry/shrinking woman scenario involving 2 sisters? You do a lot of AR scenarios, but no shrinking. Would be great to see an older sister shrunk and played with!

      3. TB

        Sibling rivalries are always fun. More Betsy and Lauren would be fun. I really liked Little Joker, may be mom joins the fun, start pulling pranks on her daughters. Flu shot is good too, loved the family.

  4. qzar

    hey ,it will be nice if you make a comic where all females on the world has grown or growing to mini giantess size!

      1. qzar

        Thanks, in this world Moms are the biggest in the families ,please consider it , giantess families with 10-12 ft moms , 6-7 ft girls and normal men.
        The Yard Work family can become on of them in this new world. please make a comic for this and it will become so popular work.

  5. average joe

    I would love it if you made an AR comic focusing on the friends who are supporting characters in stuff like Growing Attraction and Puberty Fairies (ie the redhead, black girl, and blonde). Their group regressions in those are some of my favorites and I would love Palcomix to mix up the main cast more.

      1. average joe

        Palcomix would be cool for the example I posted if you ever make it, since they’re the only ones to do those characters so far. Gotten tired of Bojay and not into Yuan and Pepper Pair’s art style, though.

        1. average joe

          Would also love for the initial comic I suggested to be drawn out with its AR, letting us see the girls at multiple age stages (Adult-teen-preteen-kid). Also would love more incorporation of having to keep going around in their oversized clothes and shoes and/or have their clothes magically shrink to fit them when smaller so you can compare it to how those looked on their original figures.

  6. Patrick

    This comic is fantastic, possibly my favorite that you’ve done. More like this please! I loved the ABDL elements, and the roleplay by the nurses was amazing – a sexy addition that I didn’t see coming. I would love to see something by Rebecca in this same theme, maybe a sequel to College Bound with heavy ABDL elements.

  7. Oni

    Cute. Always like AB stuff. Head nurse should have regressed as well, would have made things complete.

    PS: Sibling rivalries are great. Have you ever considered using twins? Y’know, the less dominant one wanting to break out of her sister’s shadow? Just a thought on a greatly underused theme. (Tainted Sins used twins in his Babysitter story ages ago and I think that’s the only time I recall it.)


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