Incredible Shrinking Dad Two February 16, 2018

Dad joins a Ladies-Only Spa in Shrinking Dad Two.

36 pages, Color, US$10.99
Age Progression, Shrinking Men
Artwork by PalComix

More great Female Growth / Mini-Giantess scenes with great sexy art by Palcomix! The fun ramps up in Part Two as Audrey grows to a tall, sexy woman, while her Dad keeps shrinking.

Story Summary: A fun finale with non-stop shrinking and growing! Tiny Dad gets stuck in a Ladies Sauna with four giant, naked (and angry) women. Then Mom joins the fun as both parents shrink, while Audrey transforms to a huge giantess in one of the best Female Growth sequences ever!

The Incredible Shrinking Dad Two includes 36 multi-panel color pages by Palcomix.

Note: This is Part Two of a Two Part comic.

Sample illustrations

US$ 10.99

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21 thoughts on “Incredible Shrinking Dad Two

  1. Remylocke

    Incredible Shrinking Dad 2 was incredible!! Funny, sexy, and lots of fun!

    Would love a spinoff where the mom and dad live in the dollhouse and are cared for by Audrey and her friends!

        1. v00d00

          Haha, you’re such a little bitch! Just because you have an Oedipus complex towards your own mother!
          You might want to get spelling and grammar lessons as well, you rarely make sense!

  2. v00d00

    I agree with Remylocke! This comic (part 2) was incredible! One of the best yet!

    The sauna scene was so sexy. The chase, and near foot stomp was so sexy (I know this is as close to giantess foot fetish as you like to get, but I love that 1 page with the foot PoV).

    The shrinking mom was the best ever! I love the sexy interaction with Audrey! More like this please!

    I was going to suggest exactly the same as Remylocke, that last page leaves this wide open for a sequel. Mom and dad, now living in a doll house, being taken care of by sexy Audrey and her sexy friends! Lots of mishaps, in the shower, bath, pool, etc. Maybe mom & dad try to be intimate with each other, but end up with Audrey and her friends watching through the doll house window. Or accidentally being taken to school/collage with Audrey, ending up in the locker room, or found by a sexy teacher and played with!

  3. Raul Lopez

    Moms must always shrink, and I agree with Remylocke and v00d00, I would love a spinoff where the mom and dad live in the dollhouse

  4. Vader

    This is an excellent sequel. There are lots of great scenes. Among my favorites are: tiny dad in the women’s spa, the mom shrinking and Audrey growing, and many more. I don’t know if there are any more planned but an epilogue would be nice.

    Remylocke and v00d00 and Raul Lopez have a couple interesting ideas. Mom and dad living in the doll house while Audrey cares for them. And Audrey watching them be intimate with each other.

    I would add, that I would want everyone to return to normal at the end.

      1. Vader

        I don’t like the idea of shrunken people as pets. I could make a list of thing I don’t like or outright hate in the size changing fetish.

        Back on point. v00d00 said it first.
        I was thinking Audrey could catch them in the act. Her mom and dad to involved to notice their daughter. With Audrey being embarrassed watching them, but unable to look away. It’s only after they finish they realize that Audrey was watching. I suspect they would need to explain to Audrey the birds and the bees.

        I was assuming the parents are shrunk. Audrey could be a giantess.

  5. Mister AGF

    Audrey’s final sequence is just amazing. That’s a perfect age progression and Giantess growth sequence. I loved it!


    This was shrinking dad ,why poor Mom has shrink too ?
    It’s mother’s day and for respecting to them you must make them the biggest in your works , Moms must grow bigger and hotter always.


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