Shrinking Women Art Collection July 16, 2018

Mandy plays Alice in Wonderland with a shrinking potion.

53 pages, Color and Black & White, US $9.99
Shrinking Women
Artwork by Dean Yeagle, Rebecca and  Bojay

A great collection of Shrinking Women themed art by some major artists, including Dean Yeagle, Bojay and Rebecca. Over 50 pages of outstanding artwork!

The great Dean Yeagle has his luscious model Mandy drinking a shrinking potion and falling out of her clothes. This sequence has 6 finished color pages, plus another 17 pages of color and black and white sketches. Yeagle really is a master artist and it’s an honor to have his work here.

Bojay has over 20 images, including one of my favorite Shrinking Women images ever.

Rebecca contributes 5 color pages, including a very erotic 3 page story featuring a tiny girl with a challenging problem. Joe Gravel and Shono each contribute one page of fun art.

“The Shrinking Women Art Collection” has 53 mostly color pages.

Sample illustrations


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6 thoughts on “Shrinking Women Art Collection

  1. Ben

    Just so then it’s known, I loved most of this, I thought it was great. We need more SW things. More slow shrinking SW, Bojay is great, keep it up.

  2. Vel100

    This was a spectacular shrinking woman set with all of the art variety. Dean Yeagle is a master illustrator and to see his take on Alice using Mandy was amazing and a special treat.

  3. dreamtales Post author

    Thanks, really glad you guys liked it! I loved working with Dean Yeagle who is just a totally cool guy. Very honored to have him in one of my comics.

    Hope to have more SW comics in the future.

  4. Vader

    This turned out pretty good. Lots of good art. The shrinking Alice is a nice treat. Some of them could make for a good shrinking woman comic.

    Would be nice to see more of the shrinking process.


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