Super Suzy versus Mad Marilyn July 7, 2018

Some of the amazing Steve Blevins artwork in Super Suzy.

Some of the amazing Steve Blevins artwork in Super Suzy.

31 pages, Color, US$8.99
Shrinking Women,
Artwork by Steve Blevins
Color by SPB

Updated with a new Artists’ Edition! If you purchased the previous version and want to upgrade to this Artist’s version, let me know.

“This is about all you could ever want from a shrinking superheroine comicbook. Except gratuitous sex, but who needs that with 2 multipage shrinking sequences!”

Amazing artwork by Steve Blevins (Elfquest) shows Suzy and Marilyn as you’ve never seen them before! Steve does a great job detailing lots of wonderful F/F shrinking women action.

Note: This is a shrinking women comic, but almost all of the interaction is between women, so it should appeal to GTS lovers as well.

Story Summary: The mighty Super Suzy becomes a helpless pawn in Marilyn’s plans to conquer the world. Poor Suzy goes from an all-powerful heroine to a tiny doll-sized figure. Can she turn the tables on Mighty Marilyn?

Sample page

Sample pencils page

Price: US$8.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 10.99
This comic is also offered in an Artist’s Edition that includes an additional 92 pages of original uncolored inks, pencils and rough pencil drawings that show the incredible detail of the original art.​

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12 thoughts on “Super Suzy versus Mad Marilyn

  1. Captain Ash

    At first, I’m wondering myself how Dreamtales manages it to get such great artists for his projects?
    Then again, seeing the cover and the preview, it is obvious that it is the artist of Elfquest.
    Although I’ve never read these comics, I’ve seen this style on the Elfquest covers, having this weird face expression when the characters are smiling or grinning.
    Especially for Marilyn on the cover this style doesn’t fit to her.
    Also seeing that the topic is a superhero vs supervillain comic, I was not sure how good this will turn out?

    But since it’s a long time since I’ve bought a SW comic, I gave it a try.
    Then the first few pages: Super-Suzy is a Supergirl with all the powers like Superman.
    Unlike the review pictures expects, the quality of the details and strong colors are extremely exciting.
    Even the character-design of Marilyn is very sexy and far better than the cover reveals.
    She looks as attractive as always and has luckily not this weird face expression like misleading shown in the cover.
    So far my fears that this comic might me an epic fail have not been justified.

    But good drawings are just secondary. What about the story?
    Marilyn is a scientist without any superpowers.
    Despite most other villains, Marilyn has a motive to do what she does to solve one of the biggest issues of mankind (no, I’m not telling what it is) but has been rejected because this would mean the lost of profit to some greedy companies.
    Suzy on the other hand acts thick-witted, does not recognize the her intention and tries to stop Marilyn, sticking to her rigid good/evil code like a superficial person would do.
    Of course Suzy hasn’t forgotten to lecture her foes with some trite superhero phrases.
    Marilyn manages to take Super-Suzy’s powers, making her not-so-super all of a sudden.
    It is nice to see in this contrast that Marilyn is braver when it comes to fight against a stronger opponent.
    And yes, Frank also has a cameo.

    Now to the most important part: the process.
    The process is very detailed. Picture for picture the female characters are shrinking into her clothes, revealing more of her body until having her finally running around nude in her whole beauty.
    Like most artists would concentrate only on some part of a female body, Steve Blevins considered every part to make it very detailed.
    I love the work he puts into her feet.
    Interaction, perspectives and face expressions, everything is perfect and inherently consistent, fitting to the story and the situation.
    There is nothing to be complained about (except for one detail, who can find this on page 23?)
    Praising the artwork now that much, I wonder if the artist does also like shrinking women?

    Unlike expected, this refreshing superhero story turned out to be really outstanding.
    The process is awesome and these nude shrunken women are the best I’ve seen for a long time.
    It is good to see that Dreamtales put more details into his characters, giving them more life and personality.
    And with Steve Blevins he surely hit the jackpot.
    Although this comic is long and detailed (in most cases I’m having the feeling the stories are too short) plus having a felicitous ending, I had the wish to see more.
    Do not get irritated by these preview pictures, they show not slightly the potential this comic has and is it every cent worth.
    If you are a fan of shrinking woman or seeing a tiny woman struggling into the palm of the hand of a giantess, you will have your fun with it.

    Captain Ash

  2. v00d00

    Ejoyed this comic, some very sexy scenes, especially Marilyn spanking shrinking Suzy! Not my favourite incarnation of Suzy & Marilyn, that has to be Space Girl Suzy, as sometimes they can look a bit cartoonish, i.e. The cover of SS Marilyn looks like the Bride of Chucky! However still a very good/sexy SW comic! Hope to see more SW comics soon!

  3. Da Cook

    Like Captain Ash said, the preview does not do the art justice. This is probably the best SW comic Dreamtales has posted. Now if only he could get Blevins’s take on some Suzy/Marilyn AR… wow!

  4. v00d00

    Would like to see a Suzy/Marilyn sexy nurse comic! One where maybe Suzy visits a hospital and is somehow shrunk, and captured by a sexy nurse Marilyn!

    1. Remylocke

      It is like you are reading my mind! LOVE this idea. She could be further teased and humiliated by ending up captured by a few candy stripers!!

  5. v00d00

    I’m thinking maybe Suzy ends up in hospital, where Marilyn is a sexy nurse, and there are other sexy nurses looking after Suzy (maybe Dr Frank makes a cameo). Marilyn shrinks Suzy and takes her home and plays with her, (similar to how Marilyn plays with her in Space Gal Suzy). The next day Suzy is placed inside a fish bowl along with some of Marilyn’s – worn – underwear to keep her comfortable!

    Marilyn goes back to work at the hospital, and comes back home with another shrunken woman – one of the sexy nurses mentioned previously – and toys with both her & Suzy, ending in a kinky SW threesome! Somehow while Marilyn is asleep/distracted, one of the SW – either Suzy or the sexy SW nurse – manages to either regrow themselves, or shrink Marilyn, turning the tables!

    The question then is; will the regrown SW return the other SW to normal, or play with both her & shrunken Marilyn, in an evil little twist!?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I would really love to do another comic with Steve, and have been asking him to do one. Unfortunately he wants to retire from doing comics, which I think is a shame. He’s an amazing artist.

      I’ll keep bugging him though – wish me luck!

  6. maur047

    Hi DreamTales, I have an idea for a story about fight girls in a tournament.
    I would like if you did a story based SW characters fighting games like Tekken.
    So Suzy as Nina Williams and other sexy character as Anna, each time they fight Anna defeat Nina easily, but once Anna’s shrinking Nina gradually and humiliates her. Later Anna shrinks the other fight girls and win the tournament.


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