Transformation U October 12, 2018

Buxom Bridget gets zapped by a little Alpha Alpha girl in Transformation U.

38 pages, Color, US$11.99
Giantess, Shrinking Women, Breast Expansion
Artwork by PalComix

Transformation U pretty much has it all – Shrinking Women, Giantess, Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction and all the combinations! This is a fun one shot comic with art by Palcomix.

Story Summary: Tiny Teena, a skinny little college coed, joins her roommate big buxom Bridget to check out the sorority scene. They turn into versions of the Gamma Gamma (girls with GG bras), Alpha Alpha (skinny flat girls), Sigma Wu (Shrinking Women), and Gamma Tau Sigma (Giantess girls), and more.

Transformation U includes 35 pages of color art by Palcomix, plus another 3 pages of fun black and white sketches by Bojay!

Sample illustrations

US$ 11.99

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12 thoughts on “Transformation U

  1. v00d00

    Enjoyed this comic very much. It has everything, shrinking, breast enlargement, growth, reduction, shrinking, spanking. Great fun, and very sexy! The artwork was fantastic, Palcomix never disappoints!
    My only slight disappointment was that I was hoping there might be more sexual play between the different collage girls, but that’s just me being a perv!
    Hope you see more like this soon!

      1. V00d00

        Yes please! Would love that! I liked the chapters in yard work where tiny mom and the nurse were shrunk and trapped in the cage, and had to start lezzing it up to get out, or the chapter where tiny Luke and Nicole were having sex, but then had to get into moms pussy to wash the shrink stuff off!

        I’d love to see something involving a tiny SW and normal sized woman having some fun together! Maybe Suzy and Marilyn? Or one of the girls in this comic, in a sequel?

  2. Kala

    Really enjoyed this story: fun, lots of cool size and expansion process, interesting sizes (beside the mundane doll size), definitely worth the buy. More please!

    Only way to make this and other stories even better would be if not only one character constantly gets all the good stuff (grow/be/…) and the others are only getting diminished in all aspects. Here it gets a bit predictable for Teena and Bridget, too. A dynamic up and down (Character A grows a bit now and lose some of it later; Character B gets shrunk and trying to fix it later and ends up with expanded breasts, but still shrunk; Character C gets shrunk and teased for it by D, as revenge C shrinks D even a bit smaller than herself before figuring out the size ray or weed shrinker/grower; etc. Like this the story stays so much more interesting.


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