Upcoming Comics January 3, 2018

Sorry for the delay, was traveling. Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

The Incredible Shrinking Dad: This is a remake of the classic Playful Little Audrey story (you can download it here). Audrey takes a growth pill, while her Dad shrinks. It’s a classic Female Growth / Age Progression story, but much different from the original! Includes some really nice sexy art from Palcomix.

Other upcoming comics: I know there’s been a lot of requests for more Yard Work. I’m working on it, but haven’t quite hit the right script yet. Stay tuned!

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25 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. m

    looks nice comic , for yard work , mom goes to work while she is over 8 ft tall , a man fall in love with her , they do sex everday and mom grows a foot taller and her boobs grows everyday , when she comes home luke and amy get surprised how much their mom get hotter and they like it , meanwhile amy shrink slowly and luke tease her …
    I hope you use this idea,thanks .

  2. Tommy

    Can’t wait for this!

    As for Yard Work, would love to explore what life is like at all of their current sizes. Giantess mom, living in a large tent in the backyard, agrees to let perverted men use her body as a playground in order to pay the bills (feeding a woman her size ain’t cheap). Meanwhile, doll-sized Luke and Nicole must get Amy’s attention while she’s with a guy.

    1. gts

      That’s nice idea!
      Also if mom stay at 10-12 size for minimum size ,she will be perfect mom for the family and letting others play on her big body is nice too.

  3. Remylocke

    I cannot wait for The Incredible Shrinking Dad!! Is there any interaction between the Dad and Audrey? I hope so! I hope the smaller Dad gets, the more she gets away with! So fun!

  4. Anon

    What about this idea for a comic. Twin teenage sisters with underdeveloped bodies think they catch a break when they find a machine that allows them to absorb sexiness from another. After failing to absorb the sexiness the from their high school’s most popular girl they lose hope and give up. Until one of the sisters discovers the machines trick is that the people exchanging sexiness has to be genetically similar to you. With this new knowledge the sister absorbs the little sexiness that her sister has growing to a sexy mini gts while her sister dwindles to a midget. The newly sexy sister ascends to popularity in school while her sister struggles to even carry her books around. They happen to share gym class too and their friends can’t help but make fun of the midget sister after seeing the two change side by side. Stuff like that.

  5. Jason

    A long time ago, Bojay illustrated scenes for a story called “How to Create a Little Sister in Five Easy Steps.” It would be nice to see this story or similar one fleshed out into a full graphic novel.


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