Upcoming Comics February 3, 2018

Mom sees her tiny husband in Incredible Shrinking Dad Two.

Things are a little delayed as I had my computer crash (it’s still crashed). Here’s the latest comics:

The Incredible Shrinking Dad Two: Part One had a really positive reception, and Part Two takes it up another level. Poor Dad keeps shrinking and gets into some incredible situations, including a ladies sauna!

Other upcoming comics: Working on several new comics including come classic AR scenarios. And Yard Work!

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16 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

      1. Vader

        When I have computer issues, that means it has to go into the shop. Hope things go well with your computer.

        I should mention I misread your post at first. Skimming through I thought you said the next comic was about computer issues.

        1. dreamtales Post author

          Yeah, unfortunately my (not that old) Mac desktop died after updating the OS. It spent weeks in the Apple store and now I have to buy an entirely new system. Luckily everything is backed up, but lost a lot of time and money.

  1. v00d00

    This looks great. When will part 2 be released?
    Wish people would lay off the constant “I want mum to grow bigger” it’s getting like a stuck record player ever since the first yard work. If people want to see that, then I suggest they look at zzz comics, which is full of growing, giantess women and moms! Your shrinking and AR stuff is great!
    Any chance in more Rebecca comics in the future?

    1. m

      ZZZ comics have become so weak lately but dreamtales comics are lovely always and giantess and growing moms will make every comics so perfect and amazing ,that’s why every one want to see them and giantess moms have many fans , thanks dreamtales and i hope you pay more attention to growing milfs in all comics .


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