Upcoming Comics March 1, 2018

Roger starts shrinking in the Maternity Ward.

Here’s the latest comics:

The Maternity Ward: A new Male Age Regression comic by Bojay! Roger, a medical salesman, infiltrates a unique Maternity Ward, where all the nurses breast feed the babies.

Other upcoming comics include new collections of artwork with Breast Expansion and Shrinking Women themes. And more Yard Work!

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12 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Mark

    So the best AR comic Bojay has ever worked on is going to be male AR? That’s too bad.
    I’ll be skipping this one, but I’m looking forward to whatever else you’ve got down the pipes.

    1. SBlitz370

      I’m afraid I’m going to echo that disappointment. It does seem like an excellent scenario, but at the very least could have been spread between male and female AR. Good to know Bojay is still producing artwork though.

  2. Tomy

    Yeah!!! more Yard Work!. i wonder what would happens if the sexy hot Amy and Luck return to school? if Luke for his size is send to the school for juniors and Amy send to High school? How both manage that situation? I would see Luck’s face with mom send Amy the pick up Luke from the school! 🙂

  3. qzar

    That’s great news!!
    I would like to see Mom breastfeed Luke and meanwhile her boobs and butt start to grow and next she grows to 12 ft tall and she stay at that size . at night Luke slowly opens Mom’s room and he want more milk of her but Amy see him and bother him ,after it both goes for drinking milk from Mom’s huge boobs but it make them shrink to 1 ft and at the morning when mom wake up , she get surprised of her tiny son and daughter meanwhile they are fighting and she stop them!

  4. DaveW

    Thanks, Dreamtales, for some more male AR. You do have some fans of guys being regressed and/or shrunk. This sounds like a fun comic.


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