Upcoming Comics March 30, 2018

A bodacious Italian move star gets zapped by a mischievous sprite.

Here’s the latest comics:

Big Book of Breast Expansion Two: Another great collection of one-page pinups and stories featuring growing and top-heavy ladies from Bojay. The main story is Switcheroo Sprite,  about a mischievous sprite who casts breast enlargement and breast reduction spells.

I’m working on some big new projects so stay tuned!

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

    1. Kaldy

      I have to second Tomy. We’ve only had one chapter of Yard Work in the last two years (can’t believe chapter 15 came out in April 2016!!) and the number of times people clamour for it shows the popularity it’s achieved through following the adventures of its characters. It’s been the perfect pick-up

      Personally I’d love to see things between Amy and Luke reach the same levels as between Mom and Luke in Chapter 10, or from the fifth chapter of the story it’s based on, “A Little Game of Hide and Seek”. It’s been teased for so long and it’d be great to finally have that before the series is concluded. With the Mom and Nicole characters having soared into the sky (repeatedly in the former’s case), Amy having shrunk, Luke and Nicole shrinking together, Amy’s friends being introduced, the Dad character being shrunk, it feels like the ultimate Luke/Amy interaction is the only place that hasn’t been explored (although again, it’s been knocking on the door for so many issues). It’s the final nail in the coffin of Amy’s victory over her sibling and it’s begging to be hammered in, particularly after it was already achieved by Mom/Luke!

      I know you’ve said in previous updates that something’s coming, and even that you were thinking along the same lines (comments section of Chapter 12), but whichever characters are preferred by the fans, I think the question we’d all love answering is: are we getting more “Yard Work” soon?

      Thanks Dreamtales, and sorry, I love so many of your other projects but YW is the one I always return to!

      1. dreamtales Post author

        Thanks very much for the comments! I am having a bit of a writer’s block on Yard Work, but I didn’t realize it’s been two years.

        Agree it would be fun to have Amy and Luke resolve things. I’ll look into it…

        1. qzar

          Nice comment!
          It’s good to see Amy and luke resolve problems for awhile and they go to cinema with their hot mini giantess Mom , but a girl try to steal luke and bully on him , then Amy search for luke and get worry and finally find him but there are many guys and it’s hard for her to stop them , so Mom enter and she gets a little angry and grows to 12 ft with huge boobs and ass and kick ass them and they run after that . then family return back to watch movie but Mom is too big ,so she sit on last rows , then they return to home happily and they must find nice clothes for Mom , so Amy and luke work together for make a nice gift for their Mom ( it’s mothers day too! ) and make her happy ( like chapter 5 ).
          i hope you use this idea dreamtales , thanks!


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