Upcoming Comics May 31, 2018

April and Justin react to Kelly’s latest growth spurt in Big Little Sister Part Two.

Here are the latest comics coming down the pike:

Big Little Sister Part Two: More fun Pepper Pair art! Part Two moves from female growth to mini-giantess to a giantess story, as Kelly just keeps growing and growing!

Shrinking Women Compilation: Still working on the upcoming SW comic, hope to have it ready by July.

And more new projects are in the works!

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9 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Ed

    When do you think Big Little Sister 2 is going to be released? Also any news on Yard Work would be appreciated

      1. phoneix

        Why there are growing or giantess sisters always , please pay more attention to Moms too dreamtales!
        Moms need grow huge too,they are goddesses who need love for growing.

  2. v00d00

    Looking forward to the shrinking woman comic! Can’t wait until July Any chance in a sneak peak or details on the artist?


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