Upcoming Comics July 2, 2018

Mandy tries out a shrinking potion!

As promised, this month we have some fun Shrinking Women comics!

Shrinking Women Cartoon Collection: Great Shrinking Women art by four artists including Dean Yeagle, the creator of Mandy! Dean is a fantastic artist and one of the top cartoonists of all time. As you might imagine, he is also super expensive to commission, so I hope you can support his work. Other artists include Bojay, Rebecca, and Joe Gravel.

The picture here is a sketch — the actual comic will have several finished color paintings of Mandy shrinking, plus numerous color and b&w sketches.

Super Suzy versus Mad Marilyn, a classic old SW comic, will also be updated with an Artists’ Edition. Steve Blevins’ art is some of the best I’ve ever seen in a SW comic.

And yes, I hear you about Yard Work. I’m working on it!

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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Flores Frank

    I love all about your work, especially I love the puberty fairies comics and concept. I already got an amazing idea that maybe can inspire you for a future story. Is about the future puberty fairies. A pair of youngs puberty fairies in the year 2500( for the fairy world, time passes in a different way) or whatever year you want. they are new recluts so they are learning about the new methods of the next generation of puberty fairies. Now they use a magic control ( yeah like the fairly oddparents´ channel chasers movie) than can move backward or foward the age of their patients . In the first pages we can go in to the new fairies world, their classroom, an few pages with a fairy teacher explaining how the magic control work. they can use previous fairires that failied on their past mission as guinea pigs. basicly showing the control shrinking them down to litlte fairies ( age 5 ) to young fairies ( age 15) to hot fairires ( age 25) to granny fairires (50 or 60 years) . Next we can see the new recluits acomplish their mission on the human world ( it has not changed at all compared to the futuristic fairy world). The protagonist ( young pair of fairies) lose their magic control, then the control is found by a litle girl and her friend ( ten years) maybe you can use mandy and her friend from ” House sitting” . they use the control for winning tv contest ( turning themselves 18) for winning beauty contest ( age 25) for many things you can imagine. but obviusly first use of the control is playing ( they see their forms as teenager and adults, maybe accidently as babies). the final part of the story is about hte pair of young fairies trying to recover the ontrol from mandy and her friend. At the end the fairy teacher might punish the ypung pair of fairies and transform mandy and her friends into puberty fairires cause of the excellent use they give to the control. you can change the final, i would like a funny plot twist for ending.

  2. v00d00

    Glad to see you’ve got some Rebecca artwork again. Her comic’s are always amazing, and I’ve been asking her for more shrinking pictures on her personal site for months!


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