Upcoming Comics August 1, 2018

A shrunken Mom gets a big surprise in Little Joker Three.

Here are the latest comics in the works:

Little Joker Part Three: The next chapter of the popular Age Regression series features mind control! And Mom gets the AR treatment as well. The Mom in this series is a powerful personality, and the perfect candidate for an AR treatment.

The Big Splash, another classic comic and one of the most popular ever, will also be updated with an Artists’ Edition. The Pepper Pair did a great job with this amazing AP / AR / GTS / SW tale!

And the next chapter of Yard Work is underway!

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26 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

    1. kong

      yes , i agree too , sadly most of moms in your comics are small , please grow them bigger and hotter always ,thanks.

  1. Tomy

    It wil be nice to see mom getting smaller for a change! Hope Selena still a grow woman and Jackie a trouble-maker child!

  2. Thomas Roberts

    Hopefully more spanking happens in little joker three including seeing Jackie get the spanking she was promised in little joker two.

      1. TB

        Little Joker 3 sounds fun. I really enjoyed the first 2 parts. Hope this series will continue to amaze the readers and inspire more issues.

  3. Dave

    I hope the new The Big Splash is more like the first one in terms of art. I always love the Big Splash concept but the second comic did just not live up to the first one.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Just to be clear, this is the same Big Splash One, but with the original sketches and inks.

      Big Splash One was drawn by hand, Big Splash Two was drawn digitally, so that might be the difference?

  4. V00d00

    This sounds great. Looking forward to seeing mom shrunk/regressed!
    Any more shrinking women comic’s coming soon?


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