Upcoming Comics November 1, 2018

A shrunken Mom warns Serena not to hone in on her date.

Here are the latest comics:

Little Joker Part Five: This is a rematch between Mom and Serena, as Mom slowly shrinks throughout the comic. For those of you who like physical transformation, there’s AR on almost every page!

And the next chapters of Yard Work are coming soon!

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15 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. ap

    Do you have an AP in this?
    Is it only a physical thing?
    I dislike the brainwashing without physical change like the last time.

    1. v00d00

      I too would love to see A Visit to Aunt Millie’s immortalised as a comic.
      I know I’ve asked before too, and Dreamtales said maybe, so just adding my voice here as well! I think Palcomix would do a fantastic job with it!


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