Baby Babysitter Pack (1-3) September 3, 2019

Babysitter Ava becomes a baby-sat little girl!

96 pages, B&W, US$27.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Bojay

Get all three issues of Baby Babysitter for a special price – 96 pages of great Bojay Age Regression and Age Progression artwork!

Story Summary: Sexy tease Ava plays a mean trick on her boyfriend Ethan, using an Age Ray to turn into a little kid. But her trick backfires when her little nieces Emily and Hannah steal her years and grow into sexy bombshells.

“Having the little babysitter’s authority repeatedly undermined was very well done”

“I read the comic and I love it. Can’t wait for part three!”

“ Fun male age regression. I liked where they forgot how to talk.”

This package features 96 pages of top quality artwork as Ava and Ethan shrink and little Emily and Hannah grow. Lots of great AR and AP sequences!

Sample illustrations (PDF file)

The Baby Babysitter Pack includes the following comics:

Baby Babysitter Three
Baby Babysitter Two
Baby Babysitter One

US$ 27.99

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