Baby Babysitter Part Three June 14, 2019

Emily and Ethan get reduced to infants in Baby Babysitter Three!

29 pages, Black & White
US $9.99
Age Regression
Artwork by Bojay

The big Age Regression and Age Progression finale in Bojay’s classic comic! Lots of regressions, including to babyhood!

Story Summary: Little Ava is in big trouble, with her niece Emily grown to a sexy adult and in charge of the youth ray! Lots of great Age Regression scenes with both Ava and Ethan shrinking to babies. Even Hannah gets zapped!

This is Part Three of a Three Part comic. 

“Baby Babysitter One” has 29 multi-panel pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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2 thoughts on “Baby Babysitter Part Three

  1. Misha

    Fun male age regression. I liked where they forgot how to talk. Reminded me of one of the scenes in the Marriage of Baby Superman andBaby Lois. An enjoyable comic. Thanks!


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