Baby Babysitter Part Two May 17, 2019

28 pages, Black & White
US $9.99
Age Regression
Artwork by Bojay

More classic Age Regression / age Progression by Bojay, as little Emily grows to a sexy babysitter.

Story Summary: While erstwhile babysitter Ava is shrunk to a little girl, Emily grows to a sexy adult. Emily quickly learns to use her newly nubile body to her best advantage.

This is Part Two of a Three Part comic. 

“Baby Babysitter One” has 28 multi-panel pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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7 thoughts on “Baby Babysitter Part Two

  1. Walter

    I read the comic and I love it.
    Can’t wait for part three but I saw in the end of part two ava got the age ray so I was wondering if she got Emily or not?

    1. Walter

      Well I guess will see if that happens. But in my opinion I think Emily will remain a adult in the next chapter and will take over Ava’s life and Ethan forever.


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