Bojay Shorts Two November 16, 2019

A tall, sexy woman becomes Migitized.

39 pages, B&W, US$ 9.99
Shrinking Women, Transformations
Artwork by Bojay

A new collection of Shrinking Women comics from Bojay! Lots of fun alternate takes on SW that combine various transformations and plots.

Short comics include: Migitized, where a stuck-up hottie shrinks to a little midget girl; Supergirl transforms into a tiny creature, and a sexy Space Explorer discovers a cute alien life.

“Bojay Shorts Two” has 39 black and white pages of mostly single-panel inks. You can see other collections of Bojay’s Shrinking Women comics here:
Shrinking Women Art Collection
Bikini Bomb Blast
The Prize (free!)

Sample illustration

US$ 9.99

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9 thoughts on “Bojay Shorts Two

  1. Karo L.

    Shrinking is most definitely NOT my thing. So hope you don’t mind if I sit this one out. I really hope this doesn’t become a regular on this site.

    1. Howard

      Wonderful little collection! Hope to see more shrinking women stuff in the future! It’s been too long since a SW comic!

  2. Vader

    I really liked the shrinking women parts. I think it is a lot better than the first one.
    The shrinking mom and the shrinking Earthling are my favorite parts.

      1. V00d00

        Glad to see some shrinking woman back. It’s been too long! Hoping to see some Suzy/Frank/Marlyn comics soon? Or Rebecca comics?

  3. FFan

    Hi dreamtales, I loved what you did in the “falling leaves” and “Baby Babysitter” series. I think some elements from that series can be used to make a “Little Joker ” follow up. I´m sorry if I botter you, I know that for now you have your hands full of new interesting proyects. But some fans, includding me, think it would be great if you consider to bring back the Little Joker´s history next year
    I Have some Ideas:
    1) to start the story, the growth hormones make Serena older like 50 or 60 years old, Martin helps her with some machine from his factory (similar to the used on Baby babysitter ) storing like 20 years from serena
    2) Jackie with help of her 2 little friends from part 2 steal the machine and together try to figure out how it works while been at school. Jackie accidentally turns her friends into hot teenagers. (like in “Falling leaves” I loved the fact that angela had two friends that helped her against Emily and also how detailed was their age progression).
    3) Jackie knows how the machine works, and steals some years from her teacher, transforming herself into a teenager ( while turning her teacher back to the top of her youth).
    4)Back at her home, Jackie tricks serena turning her into a teen and then into a kid. While she grows into a full grown up. Jackie´s final revenge concludes when Martin falls for her new grown up body. After that the story can focus on jackie learning that a grown up life is not as easy or funny as her thougth. but it has some benefits.


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