Falling Leaves Part Three October 8, 2019

Sexy Emily fights back against little Angela and her pals.

29 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

The big finale of the PalComix age swapping extravaganza! This is the last of three parts.

Story Summary: Sexy Emily fights back against her shrunken older sister, while Angela’s cute little pals make mischief with Weed Shrinker and Super Gro! Meanwhile Amy’s Mom and big sister Zoe return and get caught up in the fun. Pretty much every character gets regressed or age-progressed. And yes, there is regression to infancy.

Falling Leaves Three includes 29 pages of sexy color art by Palcomix!

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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21 thoughts on “Falling Leaves Part Three

  1. Steve

    DT, you’ve nailed it, this is your definitive role-reversal comic. It was just jam-packed with payoff from the previous parts. Well done!

  2. Captcom

    Not bad! Would have loved to have seen one of them get an overdose of Weed Shrinker though and go *poof* though like the old Crybaby Marilyn comic.

  3. Anli

    Well, maybe I saw or remembered incorrectly – but while you did mention infancy you also mentioned in the comments on part 1 that there would be diapers, but………….

    A good comic despite that, though.

    1. FFan

      Yeah!, please dreamtales it would be great to continue the story. maybe Jackie getting her revenge and slowly growing up into a full grown up woman ( cause of a malfuction on Martin´s ray guns), adapting to a grown up life, the transformation may occur in school. maybe her two little friends may grow up as well, and last but not least the final showdown with serena

  4. Harec

    I bought this comic now, but I don’t seem to be linked to the download link 🙁
    I received the payment message, but that’s it … Can someone help me?


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