Falling Leaves Part Two September 12, 2019

A shrunken Angela tries to get back at her sexy little sister Emily.

29 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

More great Palcomix art as little sister Emily, now a sexy young woman, turns the table on her shrunken older sister Angela. This is the second of three parts.

Story Summary: Sexy Emily finally gets her revenge as she realizes that one of the little girls she’s babysitting is really her shrunken older sister Angela! But after Angela gets humiliated, Angela and her little friends fight back!

Falling Leaves Two includes 29 pages of sexy color art by Palcomix!

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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20 thoughts on “Falling Leaves Part Two

  1. Walter

    Dreamtales awesome work on part two can’t wait for the chapter three. And I have to ask what can we expect on chapter three Emily, Angela and her friends

  2. Walter

    Hey dreamtales awesome work love chapter two. Can’t wait for the final chapter can you tell us a sneak peek about chapter 3 ? Just asking because I’m very curious

  3. Walter

    I hope that in the final chapter please keep Emily as a adult please and have Angela and Emily have a happy big and little emotional moment. Please dreamtales make the third chapter a memorable one that we will never forget. Thank You

  4. Just curious

    I asked this when you released Chapter 1, but will there be regression to infancy and diapers? I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but if it’s in there, I’ll buy it. Thanks.

    1. Walter

      You something just curious know maybe be right you and others said since chapter one about will there more regression. But after reading chapter 2 I’m thinking there might not be anymore regression but I like it that way and petty sure others feel the same way. Just my opinion just curious

        1. Karo L.

          I haven’t read part 2 yet. But as I’m partial to both growth and age progression, I hope some of the other little girls not only grow up in part 3, but grow HUGE-like Zoe and Madison at the end of “Flu Shots”.( I know the art’s probably mostly finished by now for part 3, but I can still suggest it. )

  5. Walter

    Dreamtales I noticed something in this chapter Emily has into Angela. Yeah she’s now become the big, dominant and bitch just like what Angela was from chapter 1. I hope Emily stays as adult in chapter 3 .

  6. Walter

    Also I thought the way Emily got her revenge on Angela was a bit extreme but she’s been waiting for this for a long time and she got it. And Angela and her friends got her back so the question is dreamtales will Emily get back at her little sister and friends in chapter three? Please respond back to let me know what your opinion is?

  7. FFan

    I think maybe Emily figures out how she grew up and tries to make the girls grow to join her as grown ups and leave angela behind. Or maybe angela and her friends grow up by accident and emily shrinks.

    1. FFan

      Or maybe Angela accidentaly discovers how to grow up back and gives her new friends the oportunity to do it as well. it would be fine to see the transition of the now babysitter emily fighting with brats, then with preteens then hot teenagers and finally overwhelmed by full grown up women

  8. FFan

    Something I like about this series is that the older sister is not alone this time. Angela has two friends that take care of her and help her get her revenge on Emily. Usually little sister got bigger and take advantage of her now shrinked older sister. But in Falling leaves the dynamic has changed and I love it. Emily crossed the line with little Angela, so the brats strike back. I´m exited to know how this is story ends, now that dreamtales confirmed that angela´s friends will grow too


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