Little Joker Pack Two January 10, 2019

Mom drinks a youth potion in Little Joker Pack Two

76 pages, Color, US$19.99
Age Progression, Age Regression
Artwork by Yuan

Parts Three and Four combines Female Age Regression and Mind Control comic! Mom dominates Serena, until a youth potion shrinks her to child size. Can she fight back against her adult daughter Serena?

Reader Comments:
“WOW!!! That was definitely worth the wait. Great set-up, great regression, great art: classic DreamTales.”
“Really loved it. Excellent work!”

This package features 76 pages of top quality artwork from Yard Work artist Yuan.

Sample illustrations (PDF file)

Little Joker Pack One includes the following comics:

Little Joker Three: Sparks fly as Mom’s new boyfriend Martin takes an interest in Serena.
Little Joker Four With Mom shrunk to a little girl, Serena dresses up as her Mom to fool Martin.

US$ 19.99

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