Upcoming Comics February 2, 2019

A strange meteor makes Luke shrink when he gets sexually aroused – making for some very embarrassing situations.

More Yard Work! Chapter Two of the latest three part saga is coming.

Yard Work Meteor Part Two: Luke’s battle with his sexy neighbor Beth continues. And for you MILF fans, Beth’s Mom starts growing too!

There are plenty more comics to come, including comics from Bojay and Palcomix due out later this year!

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20 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Ed

    I bought part 1. And I am sure I am going to get part2 and 3. It is a shame nonetheless how forgotten is Amy. I have always suggested we get to see Amy having the same issues Mom had since she was the first to grow. She growing out of the gym class… growing out of the mall… she going mega.
    Maybe next installment… maybe never.

        1. Vader

          That she is. But that maybe better for a separate spinoff comic. To bad she is not the one in a red bikini with the most talent.

          On another note.
          I can see many people like Beth. Personally I want to see Luke and Nicole’s relationship grow stronger.
          And to see Luke snuggle between Nicole’s breasts.

  2. pewpewpew

    i hope beth gets really curvy..
    would love to see bit more difference in figures , long legs, curvy , fit 🙂

  3. Don

    I want to see more of Beth’s Mom as she grows too hot mini giantess Mom and gets much bigger than Beth too, can’t wait for next parts and more growing Milfs.


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