Upcoming Comics March 1, 2019

Beth’s Mom sits on her neighbor’s roof (this is one of the few non-nude scenes in this issue).

We’re still working on the final art for the concluding chapter of the Yard Work Meteor series. I’m hoping it will be done this month, but if not it will definitely be ready in April. We’ll try our best!

Yard Work Meteor Part Three: What happens when Luke (who shrinks when he gets aroused) makes love with Nicole (who grows when Luke shrinks)? Plus a really big Nicole / Beth showdown!

If the Yard Work comic isn’t ready we’ll post a new collection of Bojay Artwork. Some pretty amazing stuff here!

There is plenty more to come, including comics from Bojay and Palcomix due out later this year!

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37 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

      1. v00d00

        Would be great to have a proper, full on shrinking woman, comic, with interaction, sex scenes etc.
        How about, Frank and Marilyn are a couple of scientists, working on a shrink ray. Suzy is Frank’s girlfriend, and Marilyn is extremely jealous. Suzy visits the lab one day, to bring Frank a romantic picnic lunch. Frank is on the phone/out, so Marilyn takes the opportunity to test the shrink ray on a human, by shrinking Suzy. She teases and toys with her, trapping her under her foot etc. Marilyn then picks Suzy up, and drops her in her panties, just as Frank returns. He asks where Suzy went, and Marilyn tells him she had to leave. Marilyn then takes Suzy home for the evening, with a full on girl on girl, giantess body worship, sex scene. End part 1.
        Part 2, Marilyn turns her attentions to Frank, trying to seduce him, now Suzy is out of the picture. When he rebuffs her advances, she shrinks him too. Taking him home as well. That evening, Suzy & Frank are reunited, for a threesome with Marilyn! Lots of SM/SW on GTS sex scenes. Both tinies playing on Marilyn’s breasts, having sex lying on her panties etc. Finally, once Marilyn is worn out, and falls asleep, Frank and Suzy escape, finding the shrink ray in Marilyn’s handbag, and using it to return to normal. The next day Suzy arrives at the lab, with lunch for Frank, he’s got Marilyn in a cage, testing a new version of the shrink ray, which makes people even smaller (or maybe it’s an AR ray too)!
        Alternatively, it could be a 3 parter, Suzy & Frank escape Marilyn when she falls asleep, sneak out of her apartment, but get found by a hot collage girl, (maybe Mandy) who takes them home for her own fun evening. Eventually they both persuade Mandy too do the right thing and help them. She gets the shrink ray, and returns Suzy and Frank to normal, and in exchange, they shrink Marilyn and give her to Mandy! Maybe as an epilogue, we see Suzy and Frank visiting Mandy, a few days later, with the shrink ray for a weekend of fun!

        1. Remylocke

          OMG YES!!!! This is better than any dream I have had about the Frank and Suzy storyline! WOW!! PLEASE!!!

          1. dreamtales Post author

            Thanks, this is a fun outline and could be a fun comic. I like the extra sex scenes, agree there should be more.

            There is definitely a nice scene in the upcoming Yard Work.

  1. Vader

    Sounds like a busy year. Hope things turn out well.

    Would be interesting to see a comic with two married women. One ends up growing 60 feet tall and the other shrinking to three inches tall. Their husbands stand by their wives. At the end both can be made normal size again. Or they can chose to switch their sizes or chose to stay that way. Three possible endings.

  2. Alexander

    Really looking forward to more plot featuring Nicole. She has always been my favorite character. The second part of this series really set everything up nicely for Nicole.

  3. phoneix

    I wish Mom gets really big and stop girls and she stays big too when others return normal sizes.
    you need to do more growing women and Moms in the comics, thanks dreamtales!

      1. Steve

        How about a scenario where a regressed Mom gets a bad case of puppy love with a boy she was once very stern with (maybe Martin has a nephew)? What if this boy was someone an older Jackie (or maybe the babysitter) was interested in. Maybe if Jackie got her hands on the mind control or the tv age ray, goes to play a trick on Serena and gets Mom instead?
        I love seeing that haughty mom get cut down to size, albeit kicking and screaming along the way.

      2. Alexander

        Oh boy I have a few scenarios I would love to see! In particular I would love to see Nicole in a situation where someone like Luke or a rival girl is secretly causing Nicole to grow by some means and Nicole cannot figure out why or how it is happening but whoever is doing it is doing so for their own amusement and gain. Perhaps Luke gets turned on by Nicole growing or a rival girl is making Nicole grow as a form of punishment because Nicole and her do not get along for some reason. Another situation is where Nicole drinks something that makes her grow and she does it because she wants to please Luke and she personally enjoys the experience but eventually it gets out of hand. Anything along those lines would be an awesome installment to see for sure.

  4. Justafan

    Whats going on with all this mom talk? Dreamtales was never about growing mothers and i hope it will never turn into it, i always loved the content he has been creating since the first Suzy comics and i dont want it to change in only mom grows, son shrinks comics, that would be predictable and get boring real quick. You mom fans keep telling him to change stuff as if his content isnt enjoyable…

    1. Vader

      That is a good question. I don’t think anyone has an answer.

      I would not like to see that either. The same types of stories over and over would get tiresome. Should be a wide range of people just growing and or shrinking. I do think his content has been quite enjoyable.

    2. m

      I don’t say only growing mothers comics, I like Suzy comics too! I say when a comic has Mom and kids, Mom’s growth make better and hotter scenes, also they never get predictable and boring if we use nice stories for them and they are enjoyable always, you need change your mind 🙂

    3. Rayan Rao

      I agree completely. The “mom fans” are honestly probably the same guy replying over and over so he can try to influence the content that Dreamtales publishes. I really hope Dreamtales just continues to create great original content that is diverse like it has been and not over tuned to favor the “mom fans.”

      1. m

        I think you are the same guy, you can’t talk about others while you don’t know what others like, just write your comment and don’t destroy others!

      2. kong

        As you see all of comics except yard work have growing girls and teens and shrinking Moms and … so what’s wrong with all of you for a comic with growing Moms!?!

        1. Justin Brown

          Mainly because it has really change the flow of YW. It had a flowing narrative until the comments were just more giant mom, make mom the biggest. It seems that DT destoryed the flow to appease the mom cowrd. Heck look at the preview for this chapter. Also other comics he makes u see the same guys demanding for giant moms. I love giant Milfs but not at the expense of the story. It is a about time others started pushing back ar the mom crowd.

          1. kong

            The stories are going good and that’s what I prefer when a Mom is a giantess, and for the other comics as you see it’s just a comment and dreamtale didn’t use them (for example Little joke comic) ,so I think that guys have right to ask this from dreamtale at least for a comic, there are many many other comics for other fans but it seems they want everything for their self and they can’t see even a comic for Mom fans, I’m really sorry for them!

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